Article 6567 of alt.conspiracy Subject JFK's relevance to now + future Date 31 Dec 91 0510

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Article 6567 of alt.conspiracy: From: Mark.Prado@f349.n109.z1.FidoNet.Org (Mark Prado) Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy Subject: JFK's relevance to now & future Message-ID: <694185268.0@blkcat.FidoNet> Date: 31 Dec 91 05:10:00 EST I got into this JFK mess as a PC communications consultant helping Col. Fletcher Prouty to communicate with Oliver Stone during the making of the film. That was based on a shady referral by a guy who I am convinced works for either the CIA or a private covert organization or the NSA, for a number of reasons. Anyway, I can resist comments in this newsgroup no longer, so here comes my diatribe FWIW. The last thing I have time or an inclination for is depressing negativity. I'd like to believe that Oswald acted alone and it was simply bad luck. However, over the ChristMass holydays I bought a dozen books, both pro and con, on the topic and have read them. It is OVERWHELMING that there was a conspiracy involving an elite PART of the U.S. intelligence community as well as private covert organizations. Anybody thinking otherwise is either IGNORANT or fooling themself in a fantasy world of wishful thinking or is part of the Public Relations effort of that elite group. It's hard for me to imagine anyone invoking the rule of reason and thinking that Oswald acted alone and shot the fatal shot. The case HAS been solved. Read the literature. Read Garrison's BOOK. Read Crossfire by Jim Maars. Read a dozen others. And THEN read the article by Time magazine and others. EVEN IF Oswald DID shoot JFK (ignoring ALL other data), there's still tons of data that overwhelmingly refutes him acting alone, refutes any semblance of objectivity by the Warren Commission, and bolsters Oswald as a counter-intelligence agent who was set up as a patsy. I should add a little bit on my background. I have been part of the official Top Secret et al. part of the Washington, D.C., community.. I am appalled at what I have seen WITH MY OWN SENSES. Mind you, I may be an idealist/moralist at heart but I'm a physicist by inclination (and education) and exceptionally objective in these circles (relatively speaking). I have observed things worse than rationalization in our system. I've seen incompetant POLITICAL appointees at the HIGHEST levels brought in over extremely competant and objective career prople, I've seen false information fed to the media and the public (where even the spokesperson was fooled, but that's the necessary intent), I've seen how and where money flows, and the social bonds and glitz, and basically the combination of Cold War ramifications, our system, and human nature. (Power and politics were fun, but it was not good progress so I quit.) What we have is: 1. An intelligence community "good 'ol boy network" out of control and beyond significant Congressional oversight, on the taxpayer dollar 2. Many private intelligence operatives and organizations that feed off of money from many covert sources 3. An administration that was brought to power largely on ex-CIA head Bill Casey's abilities to delay release of the Iran hostages *AND* obtain President Carter's debate script (something worse than Watergate) 4. A current President who was once CIA Director (and who was involved with the CIA long before he says, and has not only a son but other relatives deeply involved in both missing money from Savings & Loans and CIA clandestine operations) 5. A 1980's-1990's public which for the most part doesn't care about much more than their personal taxes and health care or old-time religion, unlike the late 1960's and early 1970's. I should also add that I have been harrassed and had my life threatened ever since I quit my "defense" job. While I was working in defense, I had a guy befriend me and ask me for classified info to sell to enemies. I reported him to the FBI. They weren't interested. I was relieved to conclude that he was "one of us" and quit worrying for my life. Then I found that guy penetrating many domestic and foreign "peace groups" with extensive databases on who's who. Yes, Oswald-like. OK, so he's collecting information, CIA-like. Very personable, though with many attributes of a con man. I'd see him one day, then he'd call me from New Zealand within a couple of days and proclaim that he'd been there for the last six months straight working withthe Nuclear Free Network (back when they announced no U.S. ships with nuclear weapons intheir ports). Amusing. Then he warned me that there would be attempts to discredit me (even though my previous defense work was the last thing on my mind) down to the finest of details -- one day he predicted that a van would come up to me and two guys would offer hot stereo equipment for cheap and not to take it (as if I would). Sure enough, two days later, I found my car with a flat tire and up comes a van with two guys offering hot stereo equipment. (I called the police and, micro tape recorder in hand, have a recording of the response to the license plate over the speaker in the police car -- "We're not sure, but we think it's an undercover officer". And there's also the case of the guy offering me stolen computer goods and... guess what? a broker wanting to buy from me... And I've almost gotten crushed by trucks running red lights a few blocks from home on my usual route. Believe what you wish. The reality is that we have a QUITE CORRUPT SYSTEM here in the United States. I have seen the enemy, and it is us in deed. What kind of people ARE we? What kind of system? The Cold War is over. Now it is time to quit much of our secrecy and revamp our political system. If we don't, it will destroy our country and what it stands for. We can start by declassifying those huge parts of the JFK investigation, from such big things as the autopsy data to such little things as the income tax returns of associates of Oswald, including the person who got him the job at the Texas Book Depository and her husband and certain relatives. The same forces at work in the Kennedy era are still at work today. He who doesn't learn from history is condemned to repeat it. There are both the pro's and the con's of classifying information. While in many cases, it is clear that certain TECHNOLOGICAL and intelligence information must remain classified (e.g., counter-terrorism, informants), it is my opinion that tons of information is classified for INTERNAL political reasons that truly have nothing to do with national security. And there is no system to protect us against that. There are vague provisions that certain material must pose a reasonable threat to national security, and certain people are given power to dictate classification in an official sense (though unofficial designators also do in practice). However, there is no effective system to protect us against overclassification and political manipulation of data. It's "a joke". As I've told many people, I don't want to be a "rear-guard" person. I have many leading edge projects and I'm pressed for time. However, it is getting harder and harder to turn the other cheek in the face of such a corrupt and debilitating sociopolitical system in this country. And it has not changed much since the days of the Cold War and the JFK assassination. Before anyone takes sides on this issue, I recommend that you read the literature. Only THEN should you choose what side of history and morality YOU want to be on, and what kind of person YOU want to be NOW... * Origin: (1:109/349)


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