Article 6526 of alt.conspiracy Subject 100 CONSPIRACY Q'S ON JFK ASSASSIN Date 30 Dec 91 0

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Article 6526 of alt.conspiracy: From: (Peter Lemkin) Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy Subject: 100 CONSPIRACY Q'S ON JFK ASSASSIN Message-ID: <> Date: 30 Dec 91 00:21:00 GMT Sender: Notesfile to Usenet Gateway Lines: 1278 Nf-ID: #N:cdp:1299600016:000:17631 Nf-From: cdp.UUCP!plemkin Dec 29 16:21:00 1991 J.F.K. ASSASSINATION 11/22/63 COINCIDENCE OR CONSPIRACY? 1) Why were over 58 eye-witnesses to the assassination ignored by the Warren Commission when they said they felt shots had NOT come from the Book Depository? 2) Why did most persons in Dealey Plaza run up the Grassy Knoll after the shots while the authorities ran to the Book Depository? 3) Why were MULTIPLE rifles found at the Book Depository and then all but one made to 'disappear'? 4) Why were ongoing de-escalation plans for Vietnam reversed within 48 hrs of the assassination? 5) Why were the ten persons taken into custody in Dealey Plaza all released, some without so much as their names taken? What is the evidence (officially ignored) that some of them were directly involved? 6) How was 'Watergate' and the ensuing Watergate scandal DIRECTLY connected to the JFK assassination? 7) What MULTIPLE lines of evidence connect the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations? 8) What are the known (often frightening and bizarre) details of the over 200 persons who were murdered or died VERY suspiciously (and conveniently) after 11/22/63 because they had seen the 'wrong' things, tried to speak up, etc.? Why did they die in "clusters" when investigations were ongoing - sometimes just hours before they were to be questioned? 9) Why was Nixon one of the few Americans who could not correctly remember where he was when the assassination occurred? Why may he have 'forgotten' he was on a plane out of Dallas? 10) Why could J.E. Hoover also not 'remember' he was in Dallas for a meeting just days before the assassination? Why did he show NO surprise at the announcement of JFK's death? 11) What is the evidence that FBI informants (perhaps even Lee Harvey Oswald himself) had warned the FBI of an impending assassination attempt on JFK which the FBI ignored and later denied even getting? 12) What multiple lines of evidence show Ruby and Oswald's FBI and CIA connections? 13) What documents are still being withheld from public scrutiny in the National Archives and WHY? Why 'hide' any when the government 'believes' the act was committed by a 'lone nut'!? 14) Why did so MANY government documents involving Lee Harvey Oswald and others 'disappear' or were said to have been 'destroyed' - including Lee Harvey Oswald'S Army Intelligence files, Lee Harvey Oswald'S letter to his FBI contact Hosty and MUCH MORE? 15) Why when Lee Harvey Oswald returned to the USA from the USSR was he NOT officially met by any representatives of the CIA, FBI, State Dept. etc., but WAS met by Spas T Raiken, a former Nazi collaborator with intelligence community connections who the Warren Commission claimed was with 'Traveller's Aid'. 16) Why was Marina Oswald sequestered in a hotel, surrounded with intelligence community connected persons, coached as to what to say and what she had experienced, and threatened with deportation if she did not cooperate? 17) What evidence connects EVERY president since the assassination (with the lone exception of Carter) directly with the assassination or its cover-up!? What are George H.W. Bush's connections to the events of 11/22/63? Why was his name and address in Lee Harvey Oswald'S Dallas friend's address book? 18) Why did Jack Ruby repeatedly implore of the Warren Commissioners to take him out of Dallas and to Washington where he felt he could speak the truth? Why did they NOT take him up on his offer and pleas? 19) What did Jack Ruby mean when he said that he was "no more involved in a conspiracy than you gentlemen" when he spoke to the Warren Commission? 20) Why did Ruby suddenly contract cancer and die just before his new trial was to begin? 21) Why did Dorothy Kilgallan, the only reporter to interview Ruby in prison, die mysteriously days after she said she would "break the case wide open" and her best friend die some days thereafter? 22) How do the events of 11/22/63 and its immediate aftermath STILL effect our everyday political and even personal lives? 23) What Government agencies and other groups were involved in the planning and execution of the President and then cover it up? 24) Why was the single-bullet or "Magic Bullet" theory of the Warren Commission a physical and medical IMPOSSIBILITY? 25) Why do those who played prominently in the assassination and its 'investigation' continually show up in contemporary political life? Are they being 'rewarded' for a 'job well done"? 26) Why did the U.S. Government deliberately LIE to the American People and World about what they knew of the events of the assassination? Why do the CONTINUE to do so? 27) Who felt threatened by JFK? And who gained by his murder? Who had the means to kill him and cover it up to look like the work of a lone-nut? 28) How was the Media sometimes cleverly controlled and, at times, complicit in the coverage of events, facts and fiction? 29) Which Mafia bosses and employees, many of whom worked for and with the CIA, were involved in the assassination? 30) What did LBJ mean when he said the U.S. Government had been running a 'Murder Incorporated' down in the Caribbean in the '60's? 31) Why did LBJ insist on being sworn in on Air Force One when he was quite legally President AUTOMATICALLY upon the death of JFK? 32) Why were some of the very same persons who were in Dallas on 11/22/63 also just by 'coincidence' near the RFK murder and Memphis for the MLK assassination? 33) Why did so MANY fear for their lives in the wake of an assassination by a (then dead) lone-nut? Why did so many die suddenly, mysteriously and 'conveniently'? 34) Why did the FBI not react to an informant's report that Joseph Milteer knew in detail how JFK was going to be assassinated weeks before the event? Why did the public never hear that Milteer traveled hundred of miles to witness the execution with his own eyes? Why was he never questioned by the Warren Commission, House Select Committee or anyone else? 35) Why were the few who attempted to tell the truth of the events harassed, punished, fired from their jobs, discredited, intimidated, marginalized, threatened and often killed? 36) Why did all those who met in Ruby's apartment the evening Ruby killed Oswald die mysteriously thereafter? 37) Why did so many bullets and so much of the physical evidence 'disappear'? 38) Who were the multitude of PHONY 'CIA' and 'Secret Service' persons (complete with official looking ID) on the Grassy Knoll and around Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63? Why were they stopping persons from moving into certain locations? 39) Why did the driver of the Presidential limousine slow the car during the fusillade rather than accelerate? 40) Why did Secret Service men jump over the body of LBJ and not JFK? 41) Why were several of the Secret Service agents out drinking very late the night before at a club owned by a friend of Ruby's? 42) What did Jack Ruby know when he said "I'm Jack Ruby. You don't know me, but you soon will" just BEFORE the assassination? 43) What evidence is there that Ruby, Oswald and Tippit (as well as others possibly involved) all knew and had been seen meeting each other? 44) Why was so much evidence and testimony suppressed and at times altered? 45) Why to THIS DAY do many live in fear to speak the truth of what they saw or know of the events of Dallas 11/22/63? 46) Why are powerful forces trying to discredit the new JFK movie? Why have 'critics' of the official version of events long been subject to harassment, surveillance and more? 47) Why were so MANY of the movies and photos taken in Dealey Plaza that day CONFISCATED by persons representing themselves as government officials and NEVER returned nor shown to the public? 48) Why do governmental and extra-governmental forces STILL spin dis-information stories related to 11/22/63 and its aftermath? 49) Why were several witnesses offered bribes and/or threatened by the FBI and others to NOT disclose the truth of what they saw? 50) Why were witnesses coached and badgered to get the testimony the Warren Commission 'wanted' to hear? Why were those who saw a different scenario ignored or worse? 51) Why did Warren suggest the Report NOT be published to save printing costs? 52) Why and how did police have a full description of Oswald before those on the investigation scene could have assembled any information to lead to such a conclusion? 53) Why did some newspapers get information only the FBI and CIA had on Oswald to print in their stories within hours of the event? Who leaked this information or had it on hand prior? 54) Why do so few know of the photos that show clear evidence of a conspiracy and even show images of the other conspirators and gunmen? 55) What is known of the multiplicity of mysterious activities of many in Dallas and Dealey Plaza that day? 56) Why did the FBI and CIA at the HIGHEST levels suppress information and work to foil a real investigation into aspects of the assassination? 57) What were the many Nazi and Fascist connections to the assassination? 58) What evidence is there of MULTIPLE gunmen in the School Book Depository and other buildings, as well as the Grassy Knoll? 59) Why was 'Lee Harvey Oswald' repeatedly seen at several places SIMULTANEOUSLY in the weeks before the assassination and who were those impersonating him and why? 60) What evidence shows that the person murdered by Ruby is NOT the person exhumed from that grave? 61) Why were so many of the medical evidences tampered with or made to 'disappear'? Why were so many others seemingly altered? 62) Why did someone construct forged composite photos to frame Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the assassination? 63) Why did the JFK autopsy doctor who burned his notes and first draft of the autopsy report get a promotion shortly after this obstruction of justice and/or alteration of fact? 64) Why do the locations of wounds as seen by a team doctors in Dallas and that evening by another team of doctors in Bethesda Naval Hospital NOT match in number or location!? 65) Why did the CIA and other government entities try to discredit and obstruct Garrison's investigation and frame him on false charges? Why were they so afraid of his investigation? 66) Who was the Army Intelligence man in and around the Texas School Book Depository? 67) Why were Jack Ruby and several of the Dallas Police and others seen repeatedly at multiple assassination-related locations in Dallas that day? How did they seem to 'know' where the 'action' was - or was to be? 68) Why do different documents and identifications of Lee Harvey Oswald show different height and even different faces - not to mention names? What was Lee Harvey Oswald's REAL 'mission' in the USSR and in New Orleans and Dallas after his return? Who did he work for? CIA? FBI? ONI? 69) Who were the several different men seen fleeing from the Plaza seconds after the shots rang out? 70) Why did the eye-witness reports of persons seeing men with rifles in Dealey Plaza before and during the shooting receive so little 'official' attention and even suppression? 71) Why was JFK's body ILLEGALLY removed from Dallas and Texas jurisdiction? Why did the FBI remove all of the other physical evidence to Washington? Why was a Grand Jury never convened? 72) Why did the Warren Commission and FBI seem to repeatedly and consistently mis-spell the names of those who's involvement might shed light on a possible conspiracy? Was this 'conspiratorial dyslexia' on the government's part? 73) Were one or more bullets and bullet fragments removed secretly from JFK's brain as much evidence indicates? 74) Why was his brain never sectioned and studied? Why and to where did it disappear along with other essential medical evidence? 75) Why do the descriptions of the size, color and other details of the coffin JFK's body was placed into in Dallas NOT match those his body was in when it arrived for autopsy in Washington? Was there a 'switch' and tampering with the body during the flight? 76) Why were the autopsy doctors ORDERED to NOT follow certain STANDARD medical procedures and investigate certain wounds etc.? 77) What was the Government's role in obstruction of justice after the fact...if not before? 78) Why were the seven particular persons on the Warren Commission selected? Why did several have intelligence community connections? Why were some enemies of JFK? 79) Has our Government been 'illegitimate' since 11/22/63? Are we still living with the legacy of a coup d'etat in America? Are the 'coup' leaders still firmly in control? 80) Is: 'ignorance bliss'? Does: 'knowledge imply responsibility'? Does: 'silence equal complicity'? 81) What can be done to understand and finally undo this entire (long overdue) situation? Is Knowledge and Truth the first step to talking back our country? What ARE the facts? Why are they obscured from the average American? 82) Is the assassination of JFK the PIVOTAL event of American History since the Second World War? Is an understanding of the events a NECESSARY precursor to understanding EVERY MAJOR political event that has happened since - right up to TODAY!? 83) Why did Jack Ruby suddenly have a dramatic improvement in his financial situation just prior to the assassination? 84) Why did several persons not 'officially' thought to have been involved suddenly flee Dallas immediately after the Event? 85) Why did the Washington D.C. phone system fail for several minutes immediately during and after the assassination? 86) Why were most of the Cabinet conveniently and coincidentally out of the country at the time? 87) Why was the Navy man with the launch codes for the atomic weapons separated from JFK and LBJ? What foreknowledge did the Military have? What possible participation? 88) Can the deaths and destruction at home and abroad in Vietnam and ALL the subsequent wars be understood by an analysis of the JFK assassination? 89) Was Lee Harvey Oswald a CIA agent, as much evidence seems to indicate? 90) Need the American People question if our government and institutions of government have had ANY legitimacy since 11/22/63? 91) What Right-Wing groups and Businessmen were involved in the plot? Why? 92) Why were NO notes kept by ANYONE who interrogated Lee Harvey Oswald over a 48 hr period? 93) Why did Lee Harvey Oswald say "I am just a patsy"? Was he 100% correct? 94) Why does much evidence show that Lee Harvey Oswald did not even hold a rifle that day - and perhaps NOT even OWN one? 95) Why did then Governor Reagan refuse to extradite several persons suspected of direct involvement in the assassination for trial and then get suggested as a Presidential candidate? 96) Why did Lee Harvey Oswald have to be executed within 48hrs of his alleged crime? Was he 'supposed' to have been killed prior? 97) How did Ruby gain entry into the Police station? Were the police waiting for Ruby to enter before moving Oswald? 98) Why did forces high in the FBI order the DESTRUCTION of a note Oswald had given to FBI agent Hosty in Dallas days before the assassination? 99) Why do CIA and other documents show a coordinated effort to 'destroy' the critics of the Warren Commission and the Government's BIG LIE of the events of 11/22/63? 100) Did America DIE along with JFK that day in Dallas 11/22/63? Can we revive it and take back OUR country from the assassins and their heirs? Are we as a People more satisfied with the 'COMFORTABLE LIE' or the 'UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH'?!? *If you would like to read more on the JFK assassination AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF the answers to the above questions, the following footnoted sources are readily available: 1) High Treason, Groden, Robert J. and Livingstone, Harrison E.; Berkeley Books, l990 2) On The Trail Of The Assassins, Garrison, Jim; Sheridan Quare Press, l988 3) Crossfire, Marrs, Jim; Carroll and Graf, l989 4) Conspiracy, Summers, Anthony; Paradon, l989 5) Best Evidence, Lifton, David; Carroll and Graf, l988 6) Plausible Denial, Lane, Mark; Thunder's Mouth Press, N.Y. l991 (HC) 7) Act Of Treason, North, Mark; Carroll and Graf, l991 (HC) 8) Spy Saga, Melanson, Philip; Praeger, l990 (HC) 9) Mafia Kingfish, Davis, John H.; McGraw Hill, l989, (HC) DON'T FORGET TO QUESTION AUTHORITY AND SEEK THE TRUTH - YOURSELF! BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN HISTORY AND LIFE AND NOT JUST A SILENT OBSERVER! WORK TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH IN THE JFK,RFK, MLK AND OTHER ASSASSINATIONS AND THE VARIETY OF 'BLACK' OPERATIONS WHICH HAVE THREATENED AND ARE THREATENING OUR DEMOCRACY AND BROUGHT US TO THE BRINK OF FASCISM AS WELL AS MORAL, FINANCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL BANKRUPTCY IN AMERICA! IF YOU DO NOT ACTIVELY WORK TO PRESERVE YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS AND OUR DEMOCRACY, REMEMBER - SOMEONE ELSE WILL BE ACTIVELY WORKING TO DESTROY THEM!


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