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Article 9176 of alt.conspiracy: Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy Path: bilver!jwt!gary From: bbs.gary@jwt.UUCP (Gary Stollman) Subject: JFK-1 Giancana Organization: The Matrix Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1992 04:01:31 GMT Message-ID: <9oNPHB1w164w@jwt.UUCP> Sender: bbs@jwt.UUCP (Waffle login) Science Fiction & Fantasy RT Category 31, Topic 5 Message 455 Mon Mar 02, 1992 D.MCWHA3 [Packrat] at 21:46 EST Who has read "Double Cross" by Chuck and Sam Giancana available thru Warner Books just now out and already on the best seller lists? The book is premised on the recollections of Sam "Mooney" Giancana by his brother Chuck Gianacana with help in writing by Chuck's son and Mooney's godson Sam Mooney Giancana. The book is written in conversational narrative to be easy to follow and interesting. Sam said they did this on purpose to be entertaining and appeal to a much broader audience than a documentary fact listing scenario which turns off so many of the regular short attention span public. It follows the birth, life and death of the probably the most powerful mobster in American history and his involvement with many varied people and organizations. The interest to those on this board is his stipulations as to how Marilyn Monroe, Bobby and Jack Kennedy were killed and the total involvement of the mob and Cia together in all of the murders. It clearly to me shows the development of the mob/cia growth together til they become for all practical purposes the same people and operating organization with the cia doing all they were best at in govt help and interference and the mob doing the dirty wet work with operatives working for both groups at the same time. The book describes both internal to our govt actions and external overseas action in foreign govt's and in many cases gives names, dates, places, and times. In this note I will first describe the motives from all concerned in wanting the president killed as expressed by this book and they tie in with all the other pro-conspiracy authors except that they looked at them separately instead as a cooperating group which pooled their resources to kill John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Mob Motive - Especially Giancana - Joe Kennedy was part of the organized crime cartel starting early in this century with rum running and sugar import to make alcohol and most obliged to return the favors of the New York organization. He got very rich at doing this and there is evidence he was part of the group that made a killing off of the 29 crash of the stock market and more likely part of the in group that actually caused the crash. He knew Giancana early on especially after establishing the Chicago Merchandise Mart. Early on he enlisted Giancana's help for two things, one to anull and get rid of the records on Jack's first marriage, Rosselli carried this out for Giancana, and to get the first contract on him called off with Mooney's help. He always had political ambitions for his son's and after the loss of Joe Jr. he concentrated on Jack. This led to the second contract put on him by Costello in the mid fifties because he balked at acting as a front man for an establishment that Costello wanted to set up. He first asked for Giancana to come and see him, which Mooney refused, then he went to Chicago and met Mooney at the Ambassador East Hotel and begged for his help in removing the contract with Mooney's influence. His reasons for pulling away from helping the mob who had helped him were to cut away from dealings that would be political suicide for Jack if discovered. Giancana agreed to help once Joe swore on his and his son's life that Jack would be exclusively Giancana's man once in the white house. The contract was dropped on Mooney's request. Early on after Joe K. made the deal with Mooney, Bobby started to become a pain with his actions as counsel on the senate committee pushing at organized crime. The revelations of this committee caused the further problem of goading Hoover to actually do something where before he had claimed that no organized crime existed in the USA. Giancana knew this and was upset but Joe kept assuring him that everything was under control and no harm would be done. Giancana, Joe K., and JFK thru the late fifties had several meetings continuing thru the primaries to solidfy plans and setup action to get JFK elected. Many occuring at the selfsame Ambassador East, some at the Cal-Neva in Reno, and other places. Mooney setup several contact lines between him and JFK and supplied him with women known and unknown to him, and used Frank Sinatra to introduce his ex girlfriend who looked like Jackie, Judith Campbell. Later Mooney met Campbell for himself arranged in Miami at the Fountainbleu and they both used her for a minimal amount of a go-between, in fact, Mooney said Jack himself suggested the go-between and never believed that Giancana had set up the whole thing in the first place. Mooney said JFK's ego was amazing and that Campbell was one of of many such contacts and a minor one at that. Giancana bought West Virginia votes and swung the election in Chicago with the old tried and true methods of multiple voters, dead voters, and muscle at the ballot boxes. An early recount showed Nixon had actually won Illinois by 4500 votes but according to Giancana the mob pressured Nixon to concede for future help and he did and that stopped the recount from going any further, so JFK was president. Mooney said it was no problem and was estatic at thinking all the rest of the mob bosses would have to come thru him for access to JFK. He said Nixon was a sure bet already being the mob's man from California as were Warren and Reagan and had a proven track record in mob dealings but that JFK was his, although a gamble, He preferred the risk of having that much more power. The double cross begins early when JFK appoints Bobby as attorney general but Joe assured Mooney it was okay, Mooney figured Bobby would be used to harness Hoover and stop his mob persecution to retain his job. Hoover was kept paid by the mob by giving him fixed horse race tips thru Walter Winchell which were always right and Hoover had all the money he needed without accepting cash directly. Mooney said up until Bobby made trouble on the committee in the late fifties and later as attorney general, Hoover was being paid to stay away from the mob and pursued the dreaded commie menace and car thiefs. Bobby himself believed that of the 10,000 members of the communist party over 6000 in 1961 were paid FBI informants and other documents released confirm this. But Bobby was not out to control Hoover he was out to shut down the very people who got his brother in the white house and the mob and Mooney especially got madder and madder. At first Giancana collected a huge amount of evidence of Jack and Bobby's philandering to hedge his bets but later realized that he could not publish this evidence he had in a chicago safety deposit box because it would reveal the tie between the mob and the CIA. So it was decided to hit Kennedy. Before this they hit Marilyn Monroe at the CIA's request because she was threatening to talk over losing Bobby's interest. More about that in another note. So Joe, Jack, and Bobby had severely double crossed the mob and the mob would not stand for that. ---------- Article 9177 of alt.conspiracy: Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy Path: bilver!jwt!gary From: bbs.gary@jwt.UUCP (Gary Stollman) Subject: JFK-2 - Giancana Organization: The Matrix Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1992 04:02:40 GMT Message-ID: <6qNPHB2w164w@jwt.UUCP> Sender: bbs@jwt.UUCP (Waffle login) Science Fiction & Fantasy RT Category 31, Topic 5 Message 456 Mon Mar 02, 1992 D.MCWHA3 [Packrat] at 21:47 EST CIA motive according to Giancana - Well the double cross was here to. Mooney said the Nixon/Eisenhower plan inheirited and CIA/MOB actions planned to get their money making machine back from Castro, Operation Zapata, the Bay of Pigs, was intended more to force US military action rather than actually succeeding on their own. Mooney lists his people involved in all sorts of castro actions including gun running, attempted assassination, civil unrest, drugs etc and those involved were, himself, Marcello, Trafficante, Ferrie, Banister, Rosselli, Ruby, Frank Fiorini/Sturgis, Humphreys, and many others with some hinted at but not named to Chuck by Mooney. Mooney said he sent Ruby down to get Trafficante out of jail himself since Ruby was his man placed in Dallas with Marcello's permission in 1947 and he considered Ruby loyal and efficient in his work with the Cia running guns and other things. Mooney also stated that Ruby had been helped by Nixon in 1947 when he was subpoeaned by the House, he said Nixon got him out of testifying, When Chuck asked how, Mooney said Nixon just said that Ruby worked for him and it was simple. In any case, the bay of pigs was a major failure and JFK was furious but took the responsibility, afterwards he fired Dulles, Cabell, and Bissell and threatened to scatter the CIA into a thousand pieces and issued a NSAM to put control of all covert ops directly under the Joint Chiefs. He was replacing many other officials in various agencies, retiring them politely to get his people in and in control. The CIA was furious and began talking to Giancana in 61 about plans to eliminate JFK. The other actions that JFK initiated as documented by many on these boards only added fuel to the fire for the top officials of the CIA, past and present to want Kennedy out, and this included other so called military men, really intelligence grown like Lansdale, to want him out just as much. In fact key players in all intelligence outfits saw JFK as soft on the commies and more importantly hard on them and their profits and existence. Politicians motives - These too have been expressed in many ways but the root is that all of the major political people who had a direct involvement in this scenario were all mob connected, Nixon, Johnson, the major players and many others all owed their existence to mob and oil money both connected. Johnson in particular was up to his neck in the Baker/Estes scandals and needed a way out and Hoover's full cooperation to squelch these actions. The FBI - The FBI was Hoover and he hated the Kennedy's as much as anybody and had the monetary ties to not want to prosecute the mob. Mooney said he knew hoover would never help Bobby find his brothers killers and after Mooney had Marilyn Monroe murdered for the CIA and Bobby and Peter Lawford wrongly believed that it was Bobby's fault due to the sedative injection immediately before the murder, Bobby had used FBI assets to cover the death including removing the phone logs and other personal items linking her to him. Mooney said that he believed Hoover had gained and kept MM's diary and from then on had Bobby over a barrel due to his illicit use of the agency. Mooney said after the hit on JFK, Hoover covered it up, put heads in the sand, and helped to frame the selected patsy. Where witnesses could not be controlled the CIA's line in the agency took care of it. OIL mens motive - JFK intended to get rid of the 27% oil depletion allowance and had so stated. This depletion allowance allowed 27 percent of all oil produced to be non taxable as sort of a depreciation on the depletion of the oil fields. This in itself was a gold mine for anyone with profits connected to oil production. Along with most of these men were extremely right wing and did not care for the perceived commie status of their leader. Other right wing Texans were implyed by Mooney as being furious with JFK and members in Florida and Louisiana and other areas all wanted the Kennedy's out of power by any means. So the plot begins. ---------- Article 9178 of alt.conspiracy: Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy Path: bilver!jwt!gary From: bbs.gary@jwt.UUCP (Gary Stollman) Subject: JFK-3 - Giancana Organization: The Matrix Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1992 04:04:17 GMT Message-ID: Sender: bbs@jwt.UUCP (Waffle login) Science Fiction & Fantasy RT Category 31, Topic 5 Message 457 Mon Mar 02, 1992 D.MCWHA3 [Packrat] at 21:52 EST Plot and Planning according to Giancana- Major meetings of major player occurred as early as March 63 and coordinated by Mooney. Mooney said he met in DC with Rosselli, Maheu, Gen Cabell (working for Maheu) a covert ops specialist from the CIA which he knew from the bay of pigs (Hunt?) and the man from asia in charge of intelligence there and he was top brass according to Mooney (Lansdale??) They met in Maheu's detective agency front for the CIA, similar to Banisters front in New Orleans, and other in Chicago and Los Angeles. Mooney said he initially met in Dallas and several times thereafter including the morning of the assassination with the oil men financing the operation, the politicians, and the top men involved in the CIA (including present and former leaders ) For the rest he relied on his lieutenants to coordinate the rest of the details and these he named as Lenny Patrick, Dave Yaras, Paul Jones, Lewis McWillie, and Red and Allen Dorfman. Mooney selected Jack Ruby as the overall outfit's (Chicago mob) man to run things in Dallas because of several things. Ruby had demonstrated his extreme loyalty and ability to work with the CIA during the planning for the bay of pigs operation. He had actually come in to his own during these operations and made fast friendships with undercover agents, men like Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie. Mooney stated Ruby had even given Ferrie a job in his Carousel Club. Mooney said there was another reason he had selected Jack Ruby for the Job: His relationships with Dallas Law enforcement officers were unusually good. He had massaged the local cops and politicians since coming to dallas gradually getting to know most on a first name basis. These friendships, Mooney said, had been extremely useful in overcoming problems " with the local cop in the street" in the aftermath of the assassination. Using these associations Ruby was able to gain entry to all parts of the police station, "an astounding feat for a person the press later referred to as a "half witted strip club operator" both immediately after Oswalds's arrest, and more critically, during Oswalds' transfer. The look on Oswald's face at the sight of a man he knew, should have tipped the cops, Mooney admitted, "S*(* , I heard the were Q***r for each other." Mooney said. "They sure as H*ll were friends.... Oswald knew what the story was when he saw Jack Ruby comin' at him. He knew he had been made the patsy already and then he knew Jack was gonna take him out... but what the f*** was he gonna do about it then?" Mooney shrugged impassively. "It was too late." There wasn't an outfit guy alive who didn/t think it was better to die in prison or in the chair than to die at the hands of Mooney's vengeful enforcers for a messed up job. The memory of Action Jackson lingered, Ruby had to. The Plot - Mooney and the rest of the mob, the CIA boys involved, the oil men financing the hit, and other right wingers planned the hit and each contributed people, money, guns, and action to share the action and insulate themselves in several different paths from the actual followup. The call went out for expert marksmen and each group provided the following people as named by Giancana as the actual gunmen. Mooney organization provided Ricard Cain, Chuck Nicoletti, and Milwaukee Phil. Mooney stated that Cain was the actual shooter in the alledged "Oswald sniper nest" and Nicoletti was the other shooter on the opposite end of the sixth floor of the depository. Milwaukee Phil was stationed armed to keep others from interfering with the shooters. Marcello provided Jack Lawrence and Charles Harrelson as gunmen on the grassy knoll area. Trafficante provided two cuban exile gunmen not named but one was rumored to be a former Havana vice cop turned mobster and the other a radical turned corrupt U.S. Customs official. Mooney also alleged that the CIA added and provided several of their own soldiers to the team using Roscoe White and J.D. Tippit as the actual gunmen, along with Frank Fiorini and of course Lee Harvey Oswald as the man they intended to frame as the the gunmen. Mooney had sent Rosseli to New Orleans several times to confer with Marcello, Banister, Ferrie, and they had all agreed as early as March, April 63 that Oswald would be the perfect patsy and they all proceeded to implicate him more with actions directed to incriminate him later. The top Cia people involved ran the show from a hotel close to the site of the proposed hit and close to Ruby's club, ( the Adolphus???) and they had walkie talkies and electronics of the latest manufacture which they used to get the shooters in place and undetected and track the location of Oswald continuously for his later death in the street. In fact according to Mooney J.D. Tippit and Roscoe White, both Cia soldier and both on the dallas police force in the same manner that Cain was put in the Chicago sheriff's office were the ones detailed to kill Oswald on the street immediately after the hit went off and since they were in uniform, they could gun down the patsy in self defense and stop the big investigation right there. This according to Mooney was the only s****up of the whole operation. It seems Tippit got cold feet or balked allowing Oswald to escape the trap and White had been forced to kill Tippit with probable help from Ruby or someone else. In any case Oswald got captured alive at where he was told to go and wait for contact and not on the street on the way there as planned. Mooney said after the hit the CIA did their part exceptionally well removing all traces of the conspiracy and falsifying all the evidence or planting it including some prepared evidence. It appears they had inside men at all points both in the FBI and secret service and that the cooperation of the Dallas authorities headed by Mayor Cabell backed off all the local security and the top guys in govt pulled off all they could from the military side. Mooney said that "It was so loose in Dallas that day that a four year old could have popped Kennedy." Mooney said to his brother that what they did in Dallas they had done many times before, just that this was the first coordinated action inside the United States. "On 11-22-63 the USA had a coup; its that simple. The govt was overthrown by a handful of guys who did it so well, not one American ever knew it happened." Mooney said ( I paraphrase some). ----------


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