Subject Kennedy Assassination Remembered THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR DECEMBER 30, 1991 VOLUME XV

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Subject: Kennedy Assassination Remembered THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR DECEMBER 30, 1991 VOLUME XVII NUMBER 11 THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION REMEMBERED 12/14/91 DR. J. COLEMAN On the eve of the anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, it is our duty to ponder on this terrible event which still stains the national soul of the greatest nation on earth. It is right and proper that we should think of this monstrous crime as not only one that affected the Kennedy family, but one that affected, and still affects the entire nation. The perpetrators of this heinous crime laugh at our inability to reach the proper conclusion, namely that this hideous crime was to "put America in its place" and to make us understand that not even the highest elected official of the land is safe from the powerful group that dominates our government. It was as if the Kennedy murder was designed and carried out in such a way that we would one day understand our President was made an example of, because he actually believed he was immune from the evil power of the secret upper-level parallel government. This is probably why there is no national day of mourning on the anniversary of John Kennedy's death. As long as this awful murder goes unpunished, its planners and perpetrators gain strength from our weakness; they know they will never be brought to account. From their vantage point they can mock us and pour derision and scorn upon not only the office of the President, but also upon each and every one of us who cherish the institutions upon which this nation was founded and upon which it rests. It is as if the rapist returns each year to once again rape and degrade his victim to show his power over her, secure in the knowledge that he will never be caught. That is the ongoing trauma of the Kennedy assassination. Those who have read my monographs on the Kennedy murder know that it was planned by top British intelligence groups under the direction of the Tavistock Institute, and that both the FBI and the CIA were involved. The criminal conspiracy to commit murder was supervised by Sir William Stephenson, under whose direction Major Mortimer Louis Bloomfield attended to the day to day details which led to three of the top marksmen in the U.S. fatally shooting President Kennedy to death. It will be recalled that Bloomfield, a Canadian citizen, was in charge of FBI Division Five throughout the Second World War. The choice of time and place, in broad daylight and in full view of thousands of shocked and horrified Americans was coldly, and deliberately, designed to have the maximum impact and thereby convey a warning to others who might be tempted to continue the important work Kennedy had begun. Our hidden masters would not allow the U.S. to escape from the toils of the Federal Reserve Banks, bypassing them and having the Treasury print interest-free U.S. government money instead of Federal Reserve Notes. It was a well-kept secret for a short period that President Kennedy had ordered the Treasury to print $4 billion in U.S. government currency. Had Kennedy's bold move against those who were telling him to "follow instructions" succeeded, it would have put the Federal Reserve Banks out of business and released the people of this nation from a state of bondage far worse than anything experienced in the history of the world. The Bank of England and the international bankers could not allow such a heresy to come to pass. It was as if the "protection" racketeers stepped in, trashed the store and shot the owner for daring to try and shake the parasites off his back. The store owner's murder was carried out in the most degrading and humiliating manner, stripping him of his dignity, even in death. This is the way the Kennedy murder was carried out, brutally, without mercy and in the most undignified way, not only to mutilate the dead President, but to leave us in no doubt that we are helpless and unable to do anything about such cruel, humiliating and degrading treatment. It is like a man, condemned to death, first being taken to a public place, stripped of his clothes, severely whipped and then forced to kneel on the ground and shot in the back of the neck. This is what Felix Dzerzinksi sometimes did to his victims, forcing family members to look on and ensure that death was preceded by the utmost degradation. Until the stain of the Kennedy murder is washed clean, until the perpetrators of this mercilessly brutal killing are brought to justice, the conspirators will continue to nationally humiliate the people and institutions of the United States. I hope that we all clearly understand this. The lesson was indeed well understood and taken to heart by every President who succeeded Kennedy. There has not been any President since Kennedy willing to take up where he left off. The work begun by Kennedy to get rid of the Federal Reserve Banks died with him as did the threat he posed to the controllers of America. It is doubtful that there will be another serious threat to the Bank of England and the international banks, or at least, it is unlikely to come from a single individual, no matter how powerful he may be. Having established the framework and one of the motives for the Kennedy assassination, let us examine what powerful forces were behind the actual assassins who fired the shots that rang out in Dealey Plaza that fateful November day, shots which echoed around the world. Central to the commission of the crime was the Tavistock Institute, British intelligence in the person of Sir William Stephenson, Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, the FBI, the CIA and the Secret Service. The cover-up was conducted by the government intelligence agencies and the Warren Commission. British intelligence played a key role in the actual planning of the crime which was directed from the Tryall Compound in Jamaica, home of Sir William Stephenson, in conjunction with various agencies already mentioned. Mexico was involved on the periphery because of the alleged visit to the Cuban embassy in Mexico City by an Oswald double, and the fact that the riflemen were trained at Carl Mcintyre's farm in Pueblo, plus Hunt's two-month stay in the country. That the FBI knew in advance of the plot to murder President Kennedy emerges from an investigation done by James Hepburn, a very knowledgeable writer. Here is what Hepburn said about FBI involvement: "In 30 years on the job, J. Edgar Hoover had developed an intelligence system which nothing--no racket, and certainly no conspiracy--can escape. Through its extensive network of informers, the FBI knows everything worth knowing that goes on in the United States even in areas that lie outside of its legal jurisdiction. The Dallas conspiracy was born and took root in places where the FBI was well represented...By mid-October, Hoover had been informed of the existence of a plot and was familiar with many of the details...The week before the President's departure for Texas, Hoover knew exactly what was going on..." Oswald was associated with New Orleans from his boyhood days. The FBI and/or the CIA recruited him to infiltrate on behalf of the U.S. government the anti-Castro movement led by Carlos Bringuier. Bringuier ran the Cuban-exile training camps which the government wanted closed down after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Bringuier did not accept Oswald, telling a close colleague in the leadership, "This guy Oswald is a plant; I do not trust him." Having been rebuffed by genuine anti-Castro forces, Oswald set up his own pro-Castro organisation, "Fairplay For Cuba Committee". Some of the flyers Oswald handed out on New Orleans street corners were stamped with the address of Guy Bannister on Camp Street. Bannister was formerly in charge of the FBI's Chicago office. When Carlos Bringuier accosted Oswald handing out pro-Castro flyers, there was a violent scene. Oswald got arrested. His request to see the FBI was granted, after which he was released in minutes. What should make us all curious is why, soon after his release, Oswald was interviewed on television as "representing the Fair Play for Cuba Committee" when, in fact, Oswald was the SOLE member? We know that it is near impossible for unknowns to get television coverage of this kind. Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry made a statement after the murder of Kennedy that his department had acted in strict accordance with Secret Service instructions. What was strange, he found, was that his department was never contacted by the FBI nor did the FBI tell him that Oswald was in Dallas. In short, what Curry knew about Oswald was minimal, nothing of significance having been passed on to the Dallas Police Department by the FBI. It also appears--although not conclusive--that the FBI wanted the CIA to take responsibility for the crime. This came out in a memo written by agent De Loach to Hoover's assistant and long-time homosexual companion, Clyde Tolson, the gist of which was that "President Johnson felt the CIA had something to do with this plot." The use of the word "plot" did not seem to unduly alarm Hoover. When the Cubans who were genuinely against Castro went to the FBI to tell of Oswald's penetration attempts, they were ordered to "shut up". One of the Cubans was subsequently killed, and another was deported. This information came from Mrs. Luce, the owner of LIFE magazine who had financed a boat used in an attack on Cuba. Immediately after the assassination had taken place, the FBI stated that Oswald was the lone killer. This sudden rush to pin the blame on Oswald appears to have been propped up by Bill Moyers, who wrote to Attorney General Katzenbach on November 25th, 1963--a mere few days after the Kennedy murder--what in retrospect can only be described as a very curious letter: "It is important that all of the facts surrounding President Kennedy's assassination be made public in a way which will satisfy people in the United States and abroad that all the facts have been told and that a statement to this effect be made now. (1) The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin, that he did not have confederates who are still at large and that the evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial. (2) Speculations about Oswald's motivations ought to be cut off, and we should have some basis for rebutting the thought that it was a Communist conspiracy (as the Iron Curtain press is saying) and also as the right wing is saying to blame it on them... (3) The matter has been thus far handled without dignity or conviction. Facts have been mixed with rumor and speculation. We can scarcely let the world see us totally in the image of the Dallas Police Department when our President is murdered. I think this objective may be satisfied by making a complete and thorough FBI report on Oswald and the assassination. This may run into the difficulty of pointing to inconsistencies between this report and statements made by the Dallas police officials. But the reputation of the Bureau is such that it may do the whole job." On December 2nd, 1980, newspapers reportedly quoting the FBI said, "Experts did not scientifically prove that a gunshot was fired by a second gunman from the Grassy Knoll area of Dealey Plaza during the assassination of President Kennedy." What was being discussed was the sound of shots on the Dallas police Dictabelt recording which the FBI rejected outright as having come from Dealey Plaza. The FBI also stated there was no proof that the sounds on the Dictabelt were gunshots. The sounds, said the FBI, could have been electrical impulses produced internally by the Dallas Police Department radio system, but they did admit that they had no intention of conducting a study that would be necessary to confirm their conclusion. Was the FBI acting out the Moyer's scenario? The FBI did not bother to study the uniqueness of the echo patterns of the shots which would have placed them in Dealey Plaza. FBI's Guy Bannister played a key role in the Kennedy murder through his relationship with Oswald. This was clearly brought out by former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, the man who came closest to cracking the Kennedy case at least up to the level of the actual perpetrators of the crime, but who was smeared and threatened before he could bring his evidence to court. It was Garrison who revealed the connection between Guy Bannister, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), the CIA and the Cabell family of Dallas. General Cabell was fired by Kennedy for sabotaging the Bay of Pigs operation. His relatives were prominent lawmen in Dallas with excellent connections with the CIA and the FBI. Bannister was closely associated with top Howard Hughes executive Robert Maheu, a CIA operative who was deeply involved in the Watergating of Richard Nixon and the CIA-Mob plot to murder Castro. Maheu knew Rosselli and Jimmy Hoffa very well. He contacted them whenever the CIA wanted a dirty job done and didn't want to use its own people. What was Bannister's role, and was he part of the conspiracy to LET the assassination of President Kennedy take place? Bannister was very close with David Ferrie of the CIA. Ferrie was Oswald's superior in the Civil Air Patrol in New Orleans which Oswald joined as a teenager. This establishes Oswald's long-time connections with New Orleans, the FBI and the CIA. Later it was proved that Oswald had attended the anti-Castro training camps near New Orleans with Ferrie. New Orleans police officials said they had often seen Ferrie, Oswald and Bannister together. Apparently Richard Helms told Victor Marchetti that David Ferrie and Clay Shaw were CIA contract agents. Ferrie hung out at Guy Bannister's office in company with Oswald--at the address printed on Oswald's Fair Play for Cuba Committee flyers. Experienced intelligence agents will have no trouble in recognising at once that Bannister's role was to run Oswald as an agent provocateur for the CIA or the FBI or both. The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) was most probably in the business of setting up Oswald as the fall guy-patsy for the murder of President Kennedy. It was the ONI who sent Oswald to the Soviet Union. Garrison witness David L. Lewis testified that he saw Oswald, Ferrie and Bannister together quite often. Jack Martin of the New Orleans Police Department said he had seen Ferrie and Oswald together and felt they were involved with each other. There is real evidence developed through information provided to the House Assassinations Committee that Oswald acted at all times as an agent for Guy Bannister and David Ferrie whom it is believed put Oswald up to buying the rifle that was supposedly used to shoot Kennedy. Senator Richard Russell, an important member of the Warren Commission expressed strong doubts that Oswald acted alone: "There were too many things...some of the trips to Mexico City and a number of discrepancies in the evidence, or as to his means of transportation, the luggage he had...caused me to doubt that he planned it all by himself." Kept completely out of the picture was Bowen-Osborne, whose occupation was world wide travel--as a surveillance tail for the CIA and or the FBI. Any intelligence agent worth his salt would recognise Bowen-Osborne as an intelligence operative, especially when it came to how he got the money to travel so widely. CIA involvement in the Kennedy assassination plot appears fairly credible, especially when we consider that CIA director Richard Helms went to extraordinary lengths to smash the Garrison probe because Clay Shaw and David Ferrie were CIA agents, and Garrison was getting uncomfortably close to uncovering this fact. Helms was very worried about Garrison cracking the case and exposing CIA involvement. It is interesting, too, that Helms was the CIA's liaison with the Warren Commission and a close friend of Howard Hunt, probably the one CIA agent most heavily involved in the Kennedy assassination. "The CIA will have to be dealt with," Kennedy said after the Bay of Pigs fiasco was clearly seen as a CIA spoiler operation. Someone in the U.S. or British government did not want Castro toppled. Kennedy knew who it was who told the CIA to wreck the invasion. The task of botching the Bay of Pigs invasion was given to the CIA and it did its job well. One of those responsible was Allen Dulles, whom history will show was totally beholden to the British. The other was Deputy Director General of the CIA, General Charles Cabell, who was also fired. Both men had cause to hate Kennedy. After the Cuban missile crisis and Kennedy had promised Khrushchev that no more attacks on Cuba would occur, the CIA, in deliberate and arrogant defiance of the President, set up training camps all over Louisiana, which were later broken up by police and the FBI after Kennedy found out what was going on. Dulles, as an agent for the British oligarchy, was particularly incensed. He believed that his "British connection" placed him above the President. His British controllers were also greatly incensed over upstart Kennedy bucking their orders. Clearly, Kennedy had to be dealt with. Such was the disdain of our controllers that they reinstated Dulles by naming him to the Warren Commission--the final act of indignity toward the slain President. Trained observers were quick to identify Oswald as an intelligence agent playing a double role. No one in the intelligence agencies had any doubt that Oswald was one of their own. Members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Activities were of the same opinion but did not publicly say so, except for Senator Lowell Weicker who served on the committee for eighteen months and declared Oswald to be a CIA operative. Eisenhower assigned many operations to his Vice President. One of these was the group known as Special Group 54-12. This group was established to coordinate activities by Military Intelligence and the CIA. In the group was Alexander Haig, who was later leap-frogged from Colonel to four-star general because of his activities inside Special Group 54-12. Nixon left Bay of Pigs and the plots against the life of Castro planning to Haig. Haig rewarded Nixon by informing on him to The Washington Post. Haig was in fact "Deep Throat". Other members of Group 54-12 were the mysterious E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis--one of the Watergate burglars. Hunt had been involved in scores of assassination plots for the CIA. Of some significance is the fact that Hunt spent August and September of 1963 in Mexico City. It is not known whether he ever went near the murder squad in training at Carl McIntyre's mission station in Pueblo. Also worthy of note is that one of the three "Oswald's" visited Hunt in Mexico City during September 1963. That the CIA had become a law unto itself was confirmed by Senator George Smathers. One of the Senator's secretaries was Mary Jo Kopechne who later died at Chappaquidack. There was a great deal more to Miss Kopechne than has ever been told. Her roommate, Carol Tyler, was killed in a strange and as yet unexplained plane accident over the sea near the coast of Maryland. After Watergate, a fearful Nixon kept his head down. He had seen what had happened to Murray Chotiner, who knew more about CIA assassinations than most. Finally, refreshed, rested and ready to do battle, Nixon looked for spiritual uplift at La Costa, the home built by the Mafia for Earl Warren. At the first meeting with Nixon were four Teamster bosses, including Frank Fitzsimmons. More significantly, also present was Jim Braden, the man who was arrested in the Dal-Tex building minutes after the death of President Kennedy. Braden's real name is Eugene Hale Brading, a contract agent for the CIA. Brading registered at the Cabana Motel in Dallas and, on the night before the assassination was visited by Jack Ruby, another CIA contract agent. The connection with the FBI comes via the fact that Brading had an office in New Orleans in 1963, to be precise--number 1701 in the Pere Marquette Building. Interestingly enough, David Ferrie, controller of Oswald since his teenage membership of the Civil Air Patrol, was working a few doors away on the same floor in an office registered to Mafia boss Carlos Marcello. Of great concern, or it ought to be, is that Brading's photographs and file are missing from the Warren Commission archives. Another CIA operative, George Guadet, also went to Mexico City while Hunt and "Oswald" were there (September 17th, 1963). It seems this was another notch-up in the plot to make Oswald the "patsy", because there is little doubt that the real Lee Harvey Oswald was not in Mexico City on that day. Had the real Oswald gone to the Cuban Embassy there, he was far too circumspect to have made the disturbance which the other "Oswald" created--seemingly to ensure that everybody at the embassy would remember the visit. There is a great deal more to tell about CIA involvement in the Kennedy murder, but for now I will have to leave it at that. What role did the Secret Service play in this disgraceful affair? There are many conflicting reports, but the OFFICIAL report clears the Secret Service of any complicity in the Kennedy murder. Privately, intelligence agencies around the world have other thoughts. One of the most suspect incidents is why a middle-aged man, Bill Greer, was chosen to drive the Kennedy limousine? Was it so that his incredible actions could later be ascribed to "slow reflexes"? The Zapruder film, spliced, cut, censored and all-but destroyed, still shows that, for almost 10.5 seconds, the Secret Service agents assigned to the Kennedy limousine did absolutely nothing. Trained to act in an instant if there is gunfire, they stood around as if waiting for something else to happen after the first shot was heard, the one that wounded Kennedy in the throat. Did they fall on the President and Mrs. Kennedy as they had been trained to do? They did not. The stills show these men standing on the running boards of the car, as if nothing was going on at a time when the same stills show that Kennedy had already been hit. Even more inexcusable, the Secret Service driver, after crawling along at 20 miles and hour, brought the limousine to an almost complete stop after the first shot rang out, when the Secret Service training manual says that in such circumstances the driver must accelerate as fast as he can. Clint Hilt, the Secret Service agent who did react, took almost 12 seconds to run toward the Kennedy limousine. He was never asked to explain his slow start. In less than twelve hours after the murder, Secret Service Chief James Rowley knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that three marksmen had gunned Kennedy to death, yet this was not in the Warren Commission Report. Fletcher Prouty, a tough colonel who made a career out of exposing what he called "the Secret Team", said that in his opinion the President was stripped of his security with deliberate intent and that, moreover, the "Secret Team" knew that they had nothing to fear from the Secret Service or any other government agency. Kennedy had been deliberately left open and vulnerable. Therefore, Prouty concludes, the Secret Service LET THE ASSASSINATION HAPPEN. Who was Oswald? Almost every Hollywood movie, every television documentary, paints Oswald as a man of low intelligence, a loner, slightly unbalanced, who hated Kennedy. There is absolutely no evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was any of these things; in fact, there is compelling evidence that he was a highly intelligent intelligence agent who was deliberately set up to take the blame for the Kennedy assassination. Oswald was specially selected to take a course in the Russian language by the U.S. Military. Russian isn't exactly an easy language to learn. Yet Oswald easily passed the Armed Forces Practical Russian Test 21, United States Army Examination. In short, the government taught Lee Harvey Oswald to speak Russian. Only Jim Garrison derided the Warren Commission's "He must have learned Russian on his bunk at night." Oswald allegedly defected to the USSR. He was allegedly discharged from the U.S. Marines. Yet in 1963 he applied for a U.S. passport and received it WITHIN 24 HOURS, QUITE A REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENT. Another noteworthy achievement was getting a job with Jagger, Stover and Childs, a high security firm doing secret work for the government. Furthermore, the Gonzalez House Committee found that a substantial number of key Oswald records were missing from military files. Hardly was he out of the military when Oswald was on his way to London. This was September 21st, 1959. The day after his arrival in London, Oswald flew to Helsinki in a military plane. There are just too many unexplained things to believe that Oswald was some ignoramus who decided that he could single-handedly shoot the President. His entire military experience proves that Oswald was a highly trained intelligence agent and the types of duties he was assigned in the military bears that out. Some of the questions that may never be answered are as follows: How did Oswald get a good paying job in Russia without the slightest difficulty, and how was a foreigner allowed to marry the daughter of a colonel in the KGB? Why were the three or four rifles found in the school book depository never produced? Why was the photograph of the alleged rifle that killed Kennedy taken from such a long distance away as to make the rifle unidentifiable? Why has it never been admitted that there is no proof that Oswald ever owned the alleged murder weapon, let alone fired it? Why was it not brought out by the Warren Commission that the Manlicher 6.5mm rifle--allegedly the murder weapon--had NEVER been fired before it was test-fired by expert marksmen in the course of trying to find out whether three shots could have been fired within the time frame that Kennedy was shot? Why was all the strong evidence showing that Oswald worked for the government from very early on either lost or suppressed? Apart from the four shells in the Manlicher, no box of shells was ever found in ANY of Oswald's possessions. A man intending to shoot the President would not have gone to the vantage point with only four shells in the rifle. How did the Dallas police know to begin searching for Oswald only hours after Kennedy's murder? Were they tipped off by Army Intelligence? Everything points in this direction. Why did Army Intelligence FALSELY accuse Oswald of being a Cuban defector on November 22, 1963? Why did the Army DESTROY most of its files on Oswald? Was he being set up to take the blame for the murder of the President? Why was the Dallas police chief called away to answer the phone at the precise moment that Ruby was walking up to Oswald. (HE was actually on the phone when Ruby killed Oswald.) Why was FAKED identity planted on Oswald, which was discovered after his death in the basement of the Dallas police station? Why were a series of FORGED photographs of Oswald holding the Manlicher rifle distributed in advance of the Kennedy murder and who was responsible for this? (The man holding the rifle is NOT Oswald. That has been clearly determined.) Why were the mysterious carillon bells heard on the Dictabelt tape of the Dallas police at the time of the Kennedy assassination never investigated? Why was this vital piece of evidence that proves the noises on the tape were SHOTS FIRED IN DEALEY PLAZA absolutely ignored by the FBI? It was later proved that the carillon bells were heard seven seconds before the last shot. The FBI said there were no carillon bells in the area, but private investigators discovered that the bell chimes came from a bank and that they could be heard far and wide. Because the bank was twelve blocks from Dealey Plaza, the FBI ignored it. Why did President Johnson have private reservations about Oswald? He expressed these in the following manner: "He (Oswald) was quite a mysterious fellow and he did have a connection that bore examination, and the extent of the influence of those connections on him. I think history will deal with more than we're able to now." Who ordered Kennedy's body abducted and taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland? Who ordered the EXTENSIVE surgery that completely altered wounds to the head and neck clearly observed at Parkland Hospital in Dallas to make them fit the "lone gunman" theory? Who ordered X-rays of Kennedy's head cropped so as to disguise the original wounds? Why did Miss Oliver, an employee of Ruby's Colony Club, film the Kennedy motorcade? Miss Oliver later testified that she saw Ferrie so often at Ruby's club that she thought he was one of the managers. She also said that Ruby knew Oswald quite well. What role did FBI informant "number 88" (inside the KKK and National States Rights) play in the Kennedy assassination? There are several such informers still in the right wing, at least one of them in Louisiana, who poses as militantly anti-Jewish. There are literally HUNDREDS of unanswered questions about Oswald and the murder of John F. Kennedy. Until this nation comes to grips with the problem of being ruled by a secret upper-level parallel government and demands answers, we can never call ourselves a free and sovereign people. All Rights Reserved. Dr. J. Coleman December 1991


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