HEMP TIES IT ALL TOGETHER Compiled by the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH). P

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HEMP TIES IT ALL TOGETHER Compiled by the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH). Provided by Access Unlimited, PO Box 1900, Frazier Park, CA 93225 International Business Bonanza: "The Commodity of the Nineties" Renewable natural resource for manufacture of paper, fiber & pulp, oils, paints, sealants, fuel, food, medicine, etc. Hemp industries will save American jobs Underdeveloped potential for multi-billion dollar profits Income generated could save the Savings & Loan industry Hemp seed is among the most nutritious of food sources Replaces trees as a source of housing & construction material Biomass fuel will permanently cut dependence on fossil fuels Hemp can be used for plastic or as a biodegradable replacement Hemp is a standard fiber for fabrics, cordage, etc. Generates a self sustaining, de-centralized economy Offers a wealth of untapped sources of tax revenues A Healthy Environment "Earth's Premier Renewable Resource" Saving millions of trees for paper & construction Reducing acid rain by using biomass energy Less chemical pollution in our rivers Generating free oxygen to reverse the Greenhouse Effect Conserving soil & preventing erosion Using less pesticides & fertilizers for cultivation Replacing whale oil with Hemp seed oil Providing food for people & animals Leaving fully biodegradable waste products Sustainable Agriculture: "Hemp: The Cash Crop of the Future" Best source of biomass for energy self sufficiency Versatile enough to financially rescue family farms A viable, profitable crop that uses less pesticides & fertilizers for high yield Related economic gains in spin-off industries Marijuana is already America's biggest cash crop Commercial hemp strains have virtually no THC Common Sense Crime Reduction: "Liberty & Justice for All" Prohibition breeds crime & violence (remember all the gangs, guns & Al Capone of the "Roaring Twenties?") Smoking cannabis reduces tension & prevents violence Prohibition is itself unconstitutional Marijuana reform will unclog the courts by reducing case loads Re-legalization frees-up police resources for serious crime & will increase respect for all law It will remove hard drugs & the criminal element from the marijuana market to protect casual users Effective Medicine: "Nature's Remedies" Indicated for: Asthma, Emphysema, Glaucoma, Tumors, Nausea (Cancer & AIDS therapy), Rheumatism, Arthritis, Stress, Sleep & Relaxation, Multiple Sclerosis & Spasms, Epilepsy, Migraine Headaches, in Antibiotics, Antibacterial CBDs, Corn Plasters & Poultices, as Expectorant, Appetite Stimulant, Saliva Reducer, has hundreds of therapeutic uses Non toxic, self-administrable medication Remarkably few side effects Affordable health care & maintenance Civil Liberties & Free Choice: "Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness" Inalienable American rights since 1776 Freedom of choice & right to privacy Law has history of racist enforcement Freedom of religion is being violated Forfeiture laws deny us due process of law and violate our basic right to private property "War on Drugs" attacks our Constitutional rights as citizens Police spying & surveillance are rampant; corrupt secret police buy & sell drugs to lure people into breaking the law Low-intensity war of oppression waged on growers & users Marijuana offenders are political Prisoners of Conscience A Proud Part of Our History: "An Industry as Old as Pottery" Presidents Washington, Jefferson, etc., grew hemp on their farms when they formed the new Republic & Bill of Rights 10,000 year history of human cultivation The sails of Columbus' ships were hemp Turkish smoking parlors: centuries of tradition Declaration of Independence & U.S. Constitution were both originally drafted on hemp paper Hemp outlawed in the anti-trust conspiracy of 1937 50 Years of prohibition are finally coming to an end Promising A Brighter Future "A Freer, Safer, More Prosperous America" As the day ends, you put away your report written on hemp paper, drive home in your hemp fueled car down hemp-lined highways to your house built, plumbed & painted with hemp. You change your hemp clothes & fix a nice dinner of seasoned hemp tofu, turn on some music & light up a pipeful of . whatever you want. Business opportunity, more competitive products & prices Private enterprise, not police bureaucrats & spies Personal freedom, the right to know & the right to grow


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