FOIA FILES KIT Federal Agency Request Letter Fund for Open Information and Accountability,

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FOIA FILES KIT Federal Agency Request Letter Fund for Open Information and Accountability, Inc. 339 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012 (212) 477-3188 DATE: TO: FOIA/PA Unit This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act. I request a complete and thorough search of all filing systems and locations for all records maintained by your agency pertaining to and/or captioned ______________________________________________________ [describe records desired and/or insert full and ______________________________________________________ formal name] ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ including, without limitation, files and documents captioned, or whose captions include: ______________________________________________________ [insert changes in name, commonly used names, ______________________________________________________ acronyms, sub-groups and the like] ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ I also request all "see references" to these names, a search of the ELSUR Index or any similar technique for locating records of electronic surveillance. This request is also a request for any corresponding files in INS Headquarters or regional offices. Please place any "missing" files pertaining to this request on "special locate" and advise that you have done this. If documents are denied in part or whole, please specify which exemption(s) is(are) claimed for each passage or whole document denied. Please provide a complete itemized inventory and detialed factual justification of total or partial denial of documents. Specify the number of pates in each document and th ttoal number of pages pertaining to this request. For classified material denied, please include the following information: the classification rating (confidential, secret, or top secret); identify the classifier; date or event for automatic declassification, classification review or downgrading; if applicable, identify the official authorizing extension of automatic declassification or reviw; and, if applicable, give the reason for extended classification. I request that excised material be "blacked out" rather than "whited out" or cut out. I expect, as provided by the Freedom of Information Act, that the remaining non-exempt portions of documents will be released. Please send a memo (copy to me) to the appropriate units in your office or agency to assure that no records related to this request are destroyed. Please advise of any destruction of records and include the date of and authority for such destruction. As I expect to appeal any denials, please specify the office and address to which an appeal should be directed. I believe my request qualifies for a waiver of fees since the release of the requested information would primarily benefit the general public and be "in the public interest." I can be reached at the phone listed below. Please call rather than write if there are any questions or if you need additional information from me. I expect a response to this request within ten (10) working days, as provided for in the Freedom of Information Act. Sincerely, name: _______________________________________________ address: ____________________________________________ . ____________________________________________ telephone: (___)_____________________________________ signature: __________________________________________


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