Suggested Mandatory Drug War Test Here is a drug war test I'd like to see mandatory for al

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Suggested Mandatory Drug War Test Here is a drug war test I'd like to see mandatory for all US high school students to pass in order to get their diplomas. There are 12 multiple-choice questions. Information regarding the source of this test is provided at the end of the file, as are the answers to the questions. 1. Can American customs officers order you to disrobe and allow your body to be invasively inspected as you arrive from an international flight - without any evidence or even probable cause to believe you are smuggling drugs? A. Yes B. No 2. What is the largest cash crop in the state of Tennessee? A. tobacco B. marijuana C. hay D. rye 3. American employers can now legally demand that you take a drug test by urinating on command before a witness as a condition of keeping your present job, even though they have no evidence you are a drug user. A. True B. False 4. According to the US government, approximately how many times more people died in this country from using alcohol and tobacco than from using all illegal drugs combined. A. 2 B. 10 C. 100 D. 1,000 5. According to the US government, the total number of children who died from all forms of illegal drug overdoses in 1988 was A. 10,000 B. 5,000 C. 50,000 D. 88 6. The chief administrative law judge of the Drug Enforcement Administration stated in a 1988 legal decision that "marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume," that it "is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to [hu]mankind," and that it ought to be made available as a medicine to Americans suffering from cancer and sclerosis. A. True B. False 7. If you, your parents, or other loved ones are dying from cancer, will American drug officials allow your doctor to prescribe marijuana to curb chemotherapy nausea or to prescribe heroin to ease pain and anxiety? A. Yes B. No 8. If measured in cubic feet, the nation's annual demand for cocaine could fit into A. an oil tanker B. a cargo plane C. Iowa 9. In 1989, Washington, D.C. (population 622,000, where all drugs are totally illegal) had 262 drug trade homicides while Amsterdam (population 670,000, where many drugs are decriminalized) had 11. A. True B. False 10. Is it legal for the police to obtain a warrant to search every nook and cranny of your home on the basis of a tip sent in by your neighbor in an unsigned, anonymous letter? A. not in America B. only on Sunday C. Yes 11. AIDS, the disease of this century and perhaps the plague of the next, is spread more by sex than intravenous drug use. A. True B. False 12. The rate of AIDS among the intravenous drug users in Liverpool, England (where health authorities are encouraged to provide clean needles to addicts) is believed to be 0.1%, while the comparable rate among the addicts in New York City (where clean needles are illegal) is believed to be 50%. A. True B. False These 12 questions and answers were sent to me via USPS along with a letter seeking a donation to help the sender disseminate honest information to the public about the emotional drug issue. No copyrights were indicated by the sender and in my opinion, this posting is in the spirit of the sender's intent to disseminate the information. The sender is: Drug Policy Foundation 4801 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington, DC 20016 USA voice: (202) 895-1634 fax: (202) 537-3007 "How do I explain to clients that society believes buying a rock (of cocaine) is three or four times as bad as raping a woman?" --Robert Jakovitch, Broward [Florida] Assistant Public Defender from AP story 12 July, 1990 ------------------------------ Answers to questions: 1: A. Yes 2: B. marijuana 3: A. True 4: C. 100 5: D. 88 6: A. True 7: B. No 8: B. a cargo plane 9: A. True 10: C. Yes 11: B. False 12: A. True ------------------------------ Standard Disclaimer: These may not be my opinions, my employer's opinions, a devil's advocate's opinions, or anyone else's opinions. My employer doesn't even know I have opinions. Are they opinions? Source: PeaceNet - gen.newsletter 8:11 am Oct 10, 1990 by sulak in peg:alt.activism * Origin: The NY Transfer BBS at 718-448-2358


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