Razin's TV statements {Excerpts of the interchange between Ibrahim Razin and RAI journalis

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Razin's TV statements {Excerpts of the interchange between Ibrahim Razin and RAI journalist Ennio Remondino, as translated from the Italian transcript:} Q: Can you give us more details on the telegram from the P-2 announcing the assassination of the Swedish leader Olof Palme? Razin: During summer 1985 I interrogated a very important leader of the American mafia, whose name I cannot mention, who told me that such a telegram was sent from Gelli to Philip Guarino, at that time one of the most outstanding members of the Republican circle around Bush. Q: Do you have any precise indication about the existence of the telegram? Razin: At present the FBI has opened an inquiry on this story. The existence of the telegram is also indicated by the archives of the National Security Agency. Q: From where was this telegram sent precisely and who got it? Razin: It left with the signature of Licio Gelli and was addressed to Philip Guarino. It was sent from South America, from one of the southernmost regions of Brazil. According to the most reliable information it was sent by a man called Ortolani on behalf of Licio Gelli or in any case on Gelli's instructions. Q: What was the exact text of the telegram? Razin: The telegram said: ``Tell our friend that the Swedish palm will be felled.'' Q: Why would the Italian P-2 have been involved, interested in the assassination of Palme? Razin: Sweden was one of the main protagonists of the illegal weapons traffic at the time of the Iran-Iraq war when Palme was prime minister and thus Palme was surely aware of what was happening. Q: And P-2 was part of this operation? Razin: Yes, P-2 was at the center, one of the main participants in the illegal arms traffic, which was connected to the drug traffic from the outset. P-2 also made a substantial contribution to the recycling of large amounts of money used for this arms and drugs traffic from one country to another. Q: And what about the CIA-P-2 relations? Razin: Suffice it to see how the P-2 was involved with Banco Ambrosiano and with Michele Sindona and how the CIA was involved with them in several financial manipulations. For example, in the United States the big scandal involving the S&L banks is big news. The Texas state prosecutor has found evidence of CIA involvement in the bankruptcy of many of these banks which used illegal funds for their operations. The man who knows a lot about this is Richard Brenneke, a former CIA agent from Oregon. Q: Do you have more details which could help to clarify why Palme was assassinated? Razin: I am sure that there are documents on this but it is a different story to see if they are going to come out into the open. I can give you some other collateral details. For example, a week before Palme's death, an agent named Michael Townley was in Stockholm. Townley was involved in the assassination of the Chilean Orlando Letelier, some years ago in Washington. Townley was a political dirty tricks specialist.... It is a definite fact that the weapons traffic had a lot to do [with Palme's death.]


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