What Brenneke said {Excerpts from the TG1 interview with ex-CIA agent Richard Brenneke, tr

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What Brenneke said {Excerpts from the TG1 interview with ex-CIA agent Richard Brenneke, translated from the Italian transcript. The interviewer is Ennio Remondino.} Q: Do you know the P-2 directly? Breneke: Naturally I have known the P-2 since 1969 and I had deals with the P-2 in Europe since that time and I had contact with it also recently, till the beginning of the 1980s. The U.S. government sent money to P-2. In some periods the sum was about Breneke0 million a month. Q: For what purpose? Breneke: The CIA money for the P-2 had several aims. One of them was terrorism. Another aim was to get P-2's help to smuggle dope into the U.S.A. from other countries. We used them to create situations favorable to the explosion of terrorism in Italy and in other European countries at the beginning of the 1970s. Q: Excuse me, but your statements are very serious. You say that the P-2 was a creation, the financial and organizational arm of the CIA to destabilize, to run cover operations in Europe? Breneke: There is no doubt. The P-2 since the beginning of the 1970s was used for the dope traffic, for destabilization in a covert way. It was done secretly to keep people from knowing about the involvement of the U.S. government. In many cases it was done directly through the offices of the CIA in Rome and in some other cases through CIA centers in other countries. Q: In what operations was the P-2 (as an extension of the CIA) involved? Breneke: The P-2 was involved in the operation for which I ended up in court, that is the delay in the liberation of the American hostages in Iran in 1980. Members of P-2 participated in the operation and even attended meetings in Paris and other European cities. The same people were involved in the arms smuggling into Iran which took place after these meetings while there was still an embargo against Iran. The P-2 collaborated with agencies of the American government in sending weapons to Iran after the meeting of 1980. Q: Do you know Gelli personally? Breneke: I met him for the first time in 1969-70 and the subject of the discussion was the financing of his organization. I met him several times in the 1970s. I met him in Paris in October 1980 on an important occasion: There was a meeting.... Q: ``October Surprise''... Breneke: ``October surprise.'' The aim of the meeting was to organize the freedom of the hostages after, not before, the elections. The meeting was important because there were Mr. Casey, who later became the head of the CIA, at that time manager of the Reagan-Bush electoral campaign and Donald Gregg, who became ambasssador to South Korea and at that time worked for the CIA and the National Security Council. At the meeting I attended Bush was not there, but Bush was... Q: President Bush? Breneke: The present President Bush was at that time a vice presidential candidate. From the information I had, I know that Bush was in Paris in the same days for meetings dealing with the freedom of the hostages and the payment of a ransom for their freedom. Gelli took part in these meetings. I do not know if he attended the same meetings with Bush but he definitely attended the same meetings I attended. Q: Do you have documentation to prove these very serious accusations? Breneke: My accusations are very serious and I would not do it without evidence.... Some of these documents were given to the court on the occasion of the trial against me. They are still in the trial record. Some documents I gave to members of the inquiry commission of the U.S. Congress....


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