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Don Allen All FEMA part 9/1010 Feb 92 00:18:00 AREA:HUMAN VIA: QEcho 2.66a <<<<<<=====FEMA part 9========================================>>>>> Article 2132 of alt.activism: From: (Harel Barzilai) Newsgroups: alt.activism Subject: Plan to suspend the Constitution (1984; maybe 1991?) Message-ID: <> Date: 18 Jan 91 23:10:35 GMT Sender: (The News Manager) Reply-To: harelb@cabot (Harel Barzilai) Distribution: usa Organization: Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH Lines: 72 [PeaceNet forward from AML (ACTIV-L) -- see bottom for more info] ------------------------------------------------------------------ /** 216.5 **/ ** Written 8:11 pm Jan 17, 1991 by nlgclc in ** An excellent book which deals with the REX 84 detention plan is: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ``Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North,'' by Ben Bradlee Jr. (Donald I. Fine, $21.95. 573 pp.) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Reviewed by Dennis M. Culnan Copyright 1990, Gannett News Service All Rights Reserved Short excerpt posted here under applicable copyright laws [Oliver] North managed to network himself into the highest levels of the CIA and power centers around the world. There he lied and boastfully ignored the constitutional process, Bradlee writes. Yet more terrifying is the plan hatched by North and other Reagan people in the Federal Emergency Manpower Agency (FEMA): A blueprint for the military takeover of the United States. The plan called for FEMA to become ``emergency czar'' in the event of a national emergency such as nuclear war or an American invasion of a foreign nation. FEMA would also be a buffer between the president and his cabinet and other civilian agencies, and would have broad powers to appoint military commanders and run state and local governments. Finally, it would have the authority to order suspect aliens into concentration camps and seize their property. When then-Attorney General William French Smith got wind of the plan, he killed it. After Smith left the administration, North and his FEMA cronies came up with the Defense Resource Act, designed to suspendend the First Amendment by imposing censorship and banning strikes. Where was it all heading? The book's answer: ``REX-84 Bravo, a National Security Decision Directive 52 that would become operative with the president's declaration of a state of national emergency concurrent with a mythical U.S. military invasion of an unspecified Central American country, presumably Nicaragua.'' Bradlee writes that the Rex exercise was designed to test FEMA's readiness to assume authority over the Department of Defense, the National Guard in all 50 states, and ``a number of state defense forces to be established by state legislatures.'' The military would then be ``deputized,'' thus making an end run around federal law forbidding military involvement in domestic law enforcement. Rex, which ran concurrently with the first annual U.S. show of force in Honduras in April 1984, was also designed to test FEMA's ability to round up 400,000 undocumented Central American aliens in the United States and its ability to distribute hundreds of tons of small arms to ``state defense forces.'' Incredibly, REX 84 was similar to a plan secretly adopted by Reagan while governor of California. His two top henchmen then were Edwin Meese, who recently resigned as U.S. attorney general, and Louis Guiffrida, the FEMA director in 1984. ====================================================================== Article 2231 of alt.activism: From: (Harel Barzilai) Newsgroups: alt.activism,alt.conspiracy Subject: WILL GULF WAR LEAD TO REPRESSION AT HOME? (_Guardian_ article) Message-ID: <> Date: 20 Jan 91 18:38:51 GMT Sender: (The News Manager) Reply-To: harelb@cabot (Harel Barzilai) Distribution: na Organization: Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH Lines: 188 [PeaceNet forward from AML (ACTIV-L) -- see bottom for more info] ------------------------------------------------------------------ This is the front-page article of the Jan. 16 issue of "The Guardian," which describes some of the U.S. government's planning for martial law in the event of the Gulf war. This is truly a scary scenario that should concern all civil libertarians and patriots. ------------------------------------------------------------------ WILL GULF WAR LEAD TO REPRESSION AT HOME? by Paul DeRienzo and Bill Weinberg On August 2, 1990, as Saddam Hussein's army was consolidating control over Kuwait, President George Bush responded by signing two executive orders that were the first step toward martial law in the United States and suspending the Constitution. On the surface, Executive Orders 12722 and 12723, declaring a "national emergency," merely invoked laws that allowed Bush to freeze Iraqi assets in the United States. The International Emergency Executive Powers Act permits the president to freeze foreign assets after declaring a "national emergency," a move that has been made three times before -- against Panama in 1987, Nicaragua in 1985 and Iran in 1979. According to Professor Diana Reynolds, of the Fletcher School of Diplomacy at Boston's Tufts University, when Bush declared a national emergency he "activated one part of a contingency national security emergency plan." That plan is made up of a series of laws passed since the presidency of Richard Nixon, which Reynolds says give the president "boundless" powers. >>>>>=====Continued in FEMA part 10==================================>>>> Don --- QuickBBS 2.66/O (Reg)


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