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Article 9259 of alt.conspiracy: From: john@newave.UUCP (John A. Weeks III) Newsgroups: talk.rumors,alt.conspiracy Subject: Re: Inside the Earth Message-ID: <1386@newave.UUCP> Date: 17 Mar 92 04:25:05 GMT References: Reply-To: john@newave.UUCP (John A. Weeks III) Followup-To: talk.rumors Organization: NeWave Communications Ltd, Lake Wobegon, MN Lines: 31 In article (OGI MINI) writes: > I heard a story about the most of UFOs that appeared last decades > would come from a civilization that was based inside the Earth. The hallow Earth theory. Rumor has it that the Earth opens up at the very top (where cartographers claim that the north polar ice cap supposedly lies), then folds back inside. This means that the earth has two surfaces, one on the outside of the sphere, and one on the inside. "Proof" of this comes from the journals of the first traveler to the North Pole. The CIA (or other similar organization) later altered the journals, leaving the books that are around today. These logs are now being criticized by the National Geographic Society because the details don't stand up to scruity, which leads credence to the theory that the CIA altered the logs. You can get more info on this by looking at the back pages of any legitimate UFO magazine (in the ads section). The people from the inside of the earth recently (1930's) drilled a hole through the Earth's crust to have a shorter access path. The hole comes out somewhere in Nevada or New Mexico in the desert. The frequency of UFO sightings in this area has given rise to a theory about a large underground base. This base is actually the porthole to the inner civilization. Live long and prosper.... -john- -- ============================================================================= John A. Weeks III (612) 942-6969 NeWave Communications, Ltd. ...uunet!umn-cs!kksys!tcnet!newave!john


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