Written 1029 am Feb 16, 1991 by ramyers in cdpen.energy Present debt The debt we owe and a

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Written 10:29 am Feb 16, 1991 by ramyers in cdp:en.energy Present debt: The debt we owe and are now accruing and what we can expect.As much as a third of the national debt and as much of the S&L ripoff involves oil windfall profits reinvested. Banks have written off foreign debt at taxpayer expense,American foreign aid has been used to pay off foreign debt. National debt 3.5 trillion = $14,000 per person The S&L ripoff .5 trillion = $2,000 per person Rebuilding amenity infrastructure 3.5 trillion = $14,000 per person FIXED PRE-NATAL DEBT 7.5 trillion $30,800 per person Yearly energy expenditure 2 trillion $8,000 per person Yearly guess at ecological damage 1 trillion =$4,000 per person Pollution control annually est. .5 trillion =$2,000 per person THE YEARLY est. OF THE ENERGY SCAM 3.5 trillion $14,800 per person War to protect oil est. 200 billion = $800 per person Reparations after the war est. 1 trillion = $4,000 per person WAR guess 1.2 trillion = $4,800 per person The money to convert our energy system to non polluting Hydrogen is in the cost of purchasing the energy, the pollution controls,the portion of the military budget used to protect oil,the war, a portion of the infrastructure overhaul(money that needs to be spent anyway) , then add the costs of climate change by the carbon pollution, the acid rain to buildings, forests( lumber), ocean, lakes (fish),and agriculture, the health burdens, and the millions who go without while we wallow in stupidity. How much is a trashed planet worth? All we need to do is provide 300,000 BTU for each person. WE spend $8,000 A YEAR per person in this country for energy. We need about $2,000 per person to convert to Hydrogen using concentrator collectors. A one shot deal. This is your money, about $5 a day for a year is all it takes. just vote it to the task ! Today "WE" are spending more than $20 a day per person for ever on just the energy at the wasteful 4.6 gallons per person per day. At $5 a day for one year we get the pollution abatement, the water supply, simplify the infrastructure rebuild, the electricity, the heat, update and power the car, and with the $8000 a year after that we can---is ours to benefit mankind. If you want to get radical consider this on a 10 year spreadsheet: Add the cost of the war, the portion of the national debt and S&L ripoff due to fossil fuel, climate change, acid rain damage, the price of energy due to entropy (planned scarcity), pollution abatement etc.just a guess $80 trillion for the nation, possibly a half million dollars per person, and two and a half million for a family of five,this is the beginning of some real serious money. --Raleigh End of text from cdp:en.energy Source: Peacenet Via New York Transfer News 718-448-2358, 718-448-2683 --- [ This file has travelled through the Socialism OnLine! BBS at +1-719-392-7781, 24 hours, 300-9600 bps HST/MNP/V42bis, on its way to you, the reader of this file. Please share any information you have about "big brother." Venceremos! ]


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