_Skeptic_ Volume 3, Number 3 (1995): Race and I.Q.: What's Behind the Bell Curve? Table of

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_Skeptic_ Volume 3, Number 3 (1995): Race and I.Q.: What's Behind the Bell Curve? Table of Contents SKEPTIC A Quarterly Publication of the Skeptics Society, Devoted to the Investigation of Extraordinary Claims and Revolutionary Ideas and the Promotion of Science and Critical Thinking Features: 10 Skeptical News Poll Finds Americans Believe The End is Nigh; What Skeptics Believe; 2nd Annual Skeptics Awards Ceremony and Conference a Success; Dr. Randi I Presume?; Who Owns Ramtha?; Ramtha Advises the FAA; Repressed Memory; Conviction Reversed; Scientology Joins the Boy Scouts; The Devil Made Nixon Do It; Physicist Wins Million Dollar Religion Prize; Harvard Professor Investigated for Alien Beliefs; Philadelphia Skeptics Association; History of Skepticism Course. 15 Pseudohistory News Japanese Magazine Folds After Running Revisionist Article; Harvard Subscribes to Revisionist Journal; Neo-Nazi Headquarters Goes Up in Flames; Holocaust Revisionist Locked in Nazi Gas Chamber, Second Revisionist Denies the Event; Police raid Home of JHR Founder. 17 Lite News That Has Been Riding the Information Superhighway: How Many Philosophers Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb? and Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Forum 18 Skeptics' Forum: Letters Bravo Siano; Pathological Credulity; What's So Bad About Religion?; Religion is Irrational Nonsense; Religion Not Off Limits; Hal Lindsey Creates Atheist; Can't-Know or Don't-Know?; Is Schrodinger's Cat Psychic?; Self-Deception; New Age Crapola; Skeptics No Killjoys; Not So Unsolved Mysteries; Nicole Is Not Crazy; Mystery Fumes, Phantom Gas; Skeptical of Nerve Gas; Interstate Highways in Hawaii?; I'll Take the Money Dr. Murray; Taking the Murray Challenge; Unfair Attack is Vintage Gould; Stasis is Data-Missing the Point About Punctuated Equilibrium; The Emperor of Rationality Has No Clothes; Randi Responds. 22 Hume Forum Existence Exists; The Miracle of Hume's Contradiction; The Hume Conspiracy; Schick Responds. 24 AIDS forum Harris Clarifies AIDS; The Wrong Skepticism; AIDS and Reich; Just the Facts, Please; AIDS Scam; Harris Sells HIV Lie; How An HIV-AIDS Skeptic Really Thinks: Robert S. Root-Bernstein Responds, Selected Root-Bernstein Bibliography & Publications On Cofactors in AIDS; A Response to Robert S. Root-Bernstein From the Publisher; Dr. Steven B. Harris Responds. 30 Pseudohistory forum Anti-German Bias; The Forgotten History; A Consilience Cable; White Nationalism v. White Supremacy; Skeptic Superficial and Slanted; Afrocentrism Still Needs Debunking; Population Revisionism; Save Some Skepticism for Revisionists' Detractors. 32 Randi/Geller update Geller's Lawyer; Responds to Randi; Randi Responds; Science v. The Law: From the Publisher. 35 Scientology v. the Internet: Free Speech & Copyright Infringement on the Information Super-Highway. By Jim Lippard and Jeff Jacobsen. 42 'Twas Brillig Commentary The "Curse" of King Tut and of the Princess-in-a-Box. By James Randi. 44 Satanic Panic Update: The Dangers of Moral Panics: What Skeptics (and Everyone Else) Need to Know. By Jeffrey S. Victor. 52 Believing the Unbelievable: Linking "Recovered Memories" to Hypnosis, Dreams, Sleep Paralysis, and Panic Attacks. By Mark Pendergrast. 106 The Question All Skeptics are Asking: What is the Proper Way to Eat a Light Bulb? By Bernard Leikind. 108 Authors & Contributors Special Section: Race and Intelligence 58 Curves and Cycles An Introduction to the Special Section on The Bell Curve. By Michael Shermer. 62 A Place In The Sun The Error in The Bell Curve is to assume that genetic variation, which can account for differences among individuals within a group, is also the reason for differences between groups. By Carol Tavris. 64 The Skewed Logic of the Bell-Shaped Curve The authors leap from data to unfounded conclusions. The Bell Curve is really a book about how we should be spending our tax dollars. By Diane Halpern. 72 An Interview with Robert Sternberg: on The Bell Curve Even though it was written for the media, Herrnstein and Murray's book has greatly increased public confusion and misconception about the relationship between heritability and environment. Interview by Frank Miele. 81 Insult to Injury-The Use and Abuse of The Bell Curve The Bell Curve has contributed to a renaissance of enthusiasm for some of the most dubious accomplishments of the human imagination-Social Darwinists, eugenicists, sterilizationists, racists, polygenecists, anti-amalgamationists, and elitists of every stripe. By G. A. Elmer Griffin. 84 In Defense of The Bell Curve: The Reality of Race and the Importance of Human Differences We can begin this trip out of political correctness by noting that on genetic grounds alone there can be no doubt of the existence of a substantial number of human races. Races are, if you wish, fuzzy sets. By Vincent M. Sarich. In Brief and In Review: 94 BOOKS in Brief "Common Sense, Science and Skepticism: A Historical Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge," by Alan Musgrave. "At the Fringes of Science," by Michael Friedlander. "Entities: Angels, Spirits, Demons, and Other Alien Beings," by Joe Nickell. The Science Masters Series From Basic Books: "The Origin of the Universe", by John D. Barrow; "The Last Three Minutes" by Paul Davies; "The Origin of Humankind," by Richard Leakey; and "River Out of Eden," by Richard Dawkins. BOOKS In Review 99 The Dirt & the Details "Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend." By Jeffrey S. Victor. Reviewed by David Alexander. 102 Houdini Escapes Again "The Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini" By Ruth Brandon. Reviewed by Jamy Ian Swiss. 105 The Many Victims of False Memories "Victims of Memory: Incest Accusation and Shattered Lives" By Mark Pendergast. Reviewed by David Bloomberg.


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