1994: VOLUME 2, NUMBER 4: PSEUDOHISTORY Features 6 Skeptics' Forum: Letters Herod--Father

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1994: VOLUME 2, NUMBER 4: PSEUDOHISTORY Features 6 Skeptics' Forum: Letters Herod--Father of Jesus?; Testing Theories--Larue Responds; Two Facts, Four Questions; Skeptic Name; Bad Debunking; Arrogance; No "Final Truth" in Rand; Skinhead Motivation; Frills and Furbelows; Not too Reticent; Clarifying "Facts"; Testing the Flood; Talking Heads & Martial Arts; Atheists Bad Press; Advice; Building the Ark; Skeptic at Kristallnacht; Soft on Deniers?; Psychiatry Abuse; Riddle of the Universe--Solved; Skeptic=Atheist? (13)Hoaxing the Hoaxers. (14)Reichians Revisited. 19 Skeptical News Skeptic Magazine in top 10; Randi a Columnist; Penn & Teller-- Entertainment and Awards; Dr. Laura; Skeptic Back Issues; Skeptic Debates Creationist; $40,000 for Creationist Proof; FMS Legal Victory; Satanic Panic in U.K.; Abductees O.K.; Turn Me On Dead Man; Evangelist Fined; Nessie; CAN Sues Scientology; Cryonic Move; Davidians Acquitted; Dr. Joyce Goofs; CBS Psychics (24) Holocaust Revision Update: German Ban; Poll Exaggerated; Skeptics on Donahue. 26 Skeptic lite Nickology, the S-effect, & the Quantum of Santa. By Gerald Huber 28 'Twas Brilling... Commentary THE THIRD MILLENNIUM--OR BUST. By James Randi 109 In Brief and In Review: Books & Articles of Interest Solved and Unsolved Mysteries of Mind, Space & Time. By James Randi Special Section on Pseudohistory Holocaust Revisionism 32 Proving the Holocaust: The Refutation of Revisionism & the Restoration of History. By Michael Shermer 58 Giving the Devil His Due: Holocaust Revisionism as a Test Case for Free Speech and the Skeptical Ethic. By Frank Miele 72 Watching On the Rhine: A review of Denying the Holocaust By Deborah Lipstadt. Reviewed by Brian Siano 76 The Protocols of Creationism: Racism, Anti-Semitism, & White Supremacy in Christian Fundamentalism. By Tom McIver Extreme Afrocentrism 71 Afrocentric Pseudoscience & Pseudohistory. Compiled by Editors 98 Stolen Legacy (or Mythical History?): Problems in Extreme Afrocentrism. A Review of George G.M. James Stolen Legacy. By Mary Lefkowitz 104 Beyond Race: Fallacies of Reactive Afrocentrism. By Kwame Anthony Appiah 108 Was Cleopatra Black? Pseudodiscovery 88 Goodbye Columbus?: The Pseudohistory of Who Discovered America. By Ronald Fritze Departments 25 Update on the Noah's Ark Hoax. By Jim Lippard


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