1994: Volume 2, Number 3: Fad Psychology and False Memory Syndrome 6-12 Skeptics' Forum: L

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1994: Volume 2, Number 3: Fad Psychology and False Memory Syndrome 6-12 Skeptics' Forum: Letters: Satanic Smoke; Geller Cutlery; Skeptical Thought Control; Elvis Called Me; The Science of Santa; Christianity Not Founded by a Jew, Larue Responds; Scientific Ignorance and Arrogance, Rothman Responds; Babbage Not Top 12; Freethinkers and Charismatic Paranoids; Debunking Ayn Rand; Rand Not an Absolutist?; The Shermer "Phenomena(on)"; By Any Other Name; Truth--the First Casualty?; Hanging on to the First Amendment; Meeting the Test; Welcome to Our Offices; Asking the Right Questions; Not an Idiot 13-21 Skeptical News: Holocaust Denial; Allen, Randi at Caltech; Skeptic in Supermarkets; Creationists' Latest Strategy Countered; Where Your Membership Money Goes; Randi Supernova; CBS Not Thwarted by Hoax; "Protocols" Forgery; SETI Program Ended; Gallo Vindicated; Should Science be Censored?; Silicon Psychic; Murder Blamed on Witchcraft; The Millennium--7 or 8 Years Away?; Lives of a Biology Watcher; What Jesus Really Said; Every Time a Bell Rings; A Dickens of a Lady; Embassy for E.T.; What is a Humanist?; Supreme Court Denies Atheists. 22-41 ArkEOLOGY SPECIAL: Sun Goes Down in Flames: The Jammal Ark Hoax. By Jim Lippard [02.3.lippard-ark-hoax] The Incredible Mysteries of Sun Pictures. By David Bloomberg Flood Myths and Sunken Arks: Who Needs to Believe in Noah's Ark and Why? By Gerald Larue 52-57 Skeptical Perspectives: Introduction to a SPECIAL SECTION on the Mind: An Epidemic of Accusation: The Chaos of Witch Crazes and their Modern Descendants. By Michael Shermer 58-61 Recovered Memory Therapy and False Memory Syndrome. By John Hochman [02.3.hochman-fms] 62-67 Misplaced Trust: A First Person Account of How My Therapist Created False Memories. By Laura Pasley 68-76 Facilitated Communication: Mental Miracle or Slight of Hand? By Gina Green [02.3.green-fc] 77-85 The Illusion of Science in Psychiatry. By Carol Tavris 86-89 Diagnoses are Not Diseases: A Skeptical Analysis of Psychiatry. By Thomas Szasz 90-95 William Reich--Epigones of Orgonomy: The Incredible History of William Reich and his Followers. By Joel Carlinsky Pseudo--Psychotherapy: UFO's, Cloudbusters, Conspiracies, and Paranoia in William Reich's Psychotherapy. By Richard Morrock 96-103 Sex, Brains, and Hands: How Women and Men Think. By Diane Halpern 104-109 In Brief and In Review: Books and Articles of Interest: Desperately Seeking Sanity: A Review of Gerald Holton's Science and Anti-Science by Thomas McDonough; Scenes from the Books of Life: Deconstruction as a Form of Skepticism: A Review of Martin Rudwick's Scenes From Deep Time and Stephen Jay Gould's The Book of Life by Michael Shermer


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