1993: Volume 2, Number 2: Science, Religion, and Cults 6-13 Skeptical News: Far Out Inc.;

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1993: Volume 2, Number 2: Science, Religion, and Cults 6-13 Skeptical News: Far Out Inc.; UFO Testing Ground; UFO Abduction Insurance; Nichola Tesla; Mars Face; Psychic Lotto Scam; Wall Street Astrology; Russian New Age; Kongo Spiritualism; Biosphere 2 Baloney? False Memory Debate; Creationism Again; Read'n, Writ'n, and Witch'n?; Randi Exposes Street Scam; Skeptic Expands; Math Wizard Lectures; Save $3,500; Science Fair Success. 14-17 Phony Archaeology Revisited: Sun Pictures Responds to Ark Hoax; Institute for Creation Research Also Responds. 18-19 Skeptics' Forum: Letters 20-22 Future Forum: Holocaust Revisionism and Pseudohistory: Should Skeptics Investigate? 23-29 How Do You Explain That?: "25 Creationists Arguments and 25 Evolutionists Answers." By Michael Shermer 30 SPECIAL SECTION ON CULTS. 31-33 Waco, Jonestown and All That Madness. By Cynthia Kisser 34-35 Millennium Watch: Cults, Brainwashing and Society. By Ted Daniels 36-49 The Jesus Cults. By Steve Allen 50-59 The Resurrection Myth. By Steve Harris 60-65 Was Christianity a Cult? By Gerald Larue 66-73 Realism and Religion: A Physicist Examines the Basis for Belief. By Milton Rothman 74-81 Skeptical Perspectives: The Unlikeliest Cult in History. By Michael Shermer [02.2.shermer-unlikely-cult] 82-83 Mathematics: Magic Squares. By Arthur Benjamin 84-93 In Brief and In Review: Books and Articles of Interest. Leakey Luck; Dilettante Genius; Law of Unintended Consequences; Misreading Darwin; Images of Science. Snake Handlers and Flood Geologists. By Donald R. Prothero


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