WINTER 1992: Volume 1, Number 4: WITCHES, HERETICS, SCIENTISTS Skeptical News Houdini; Mil

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WINTER 1992: Volume 1, Number 4: WITCHES, HERETICS, SCIENTISTS 6 Skeptical News Houdini; Millennium Watch; Newton; Skeptics International; Norwegian Skeptics; Occidental Creationism; Tapes for Sale; Haunted Hearing; Rational Sobriety; Scope of Skepticism; UFO Support Group; Psychics Fail; Skeptic's Predictions; Skeptics TV; Tunguska; AIDS Dispute; Extinction Extinguished 14 Skeptics' Forum Letters 17 A.R.E. You Sure? The Edgar Cayce Foundation Responds To A Skeptical Critique; The Skeptics Society Replies 20 Can Religion Be Rational? By Charles Brough 22 SPECIAL SECTION INTRODUCTION: The Price of Intolerance 24 Today's Heretic, Tomorrow's Saint By Clayton J. Drees 34 Spirits, Witches, and Science: Why the Rise of Science Encouraged Belief in the Supernatural in 17th-Century England By Richard Olson [01.4.olson-witches] 44 The Ideological Immune System: Resistance to New Ideas in Science By Jay Stuart Snelson 56 The Day the Earth Moved: The Psychology of Resistance to the Heretical- Science of Copernicus By Michael Shermer 76 In Brief and In Review: Books and Articles of Interest Jonestown: A CIA Medical Experiment?; On the Wild Side; Clouds of Secrecy: The Army's Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas; Missing Pieces; How To Investigate Ghosts; UFOs,Psychics, and Other Mysteries; E.T.; Top Ten Science Frauds; Ten Great Unanswered Questions of Science; Galileo; Newton; Weird Wonders It's Baaack: The Nature-Nurture Debate Again Exons, Introns and Talking Genes: The Science Behind the Human Genome Project; Bionomics; The Inevitability of Capitalism; Sociobiology and the Preemption of Social Science; The Road to Equality: Evolution and Social Reality By Paul McDowell Discovery and Creation The Creators: A History of Heroes of the Imagination; The Discoverers: A History of Man's Search to Know Himself; The Discoverers: An Illustrated History of Man's Search to Know Himself By Michael Shermer


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