FALL 1992: Volume 1, Number 3: REVOLUTION IN EVOLUTION? Skeptical News Galileo Acquitted;

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FALL 1992: Volume 1, Number 3: REVOLUTION IN EVOLUTION? 6 Skeptical News Galileo Acquitted; Scientology v. IRS; Physicist Touts Meditation; Yogi Fights Crime; End of the World; Earth Out of Orbit; Astronaut Bends Spoons; Psychic Car Repair; Skeptical Balance; Psychical Grant; Randi Update; Geller Calls 9 Skeptics Forum Skeptics Forum Topic; Letters 12 Deviations: A Skeptical Investigation at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment By Michael Shermer and Arthur Benjamin 18 REVOLUTION IN EVOLUTION? SPECIAL PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM SECTION The Mismeasure of History: Darwin, Gould, and the Nature of Change By Michael Shermer 38 Punctuated Equilibrium at Twenty: A Paleontological Perspective By Donald Prothero [01.3.prothero-punc-eq] 48 Punctuated Equilibrium in Fact and Theory By Stephen Jay Gould 66 Historic 1842 Sketch on Evolution By Charles Darwin 86 IN BRIEF AND IN REVIEW: BOOKS AND ARTICLES OF INTEREST Darwin, Darwinism, and the Darwinian Culture By James Rogers The Case of the Missing Brain By Paul McDowell


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