SUMMER 1992: Volume 1, Number 2: CAN SCIENCE CHEAT DEATH? Skeptical News Campus Outreach P

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SUMMER 1992: Volume 1, Number 2: CAN SCIENCE CHEAT DEATH? 6 Skeptical News Campus Outreach Program; Discounts and Rates; Host Needed; Physicist in the White House?; Steve Allen to Speak; Entropy; 'Holy Grail Discovered'; Black Holes; T.M.; Winkler Sightings; Acupuncturists and Chiropractors Fined; Secular Alcohol Treatment; Greenhouse Doubts; Laws of Robotics; Randi-Geller Update; UFO Info 11 Skeptics' Forum Skeptics Forum Topic; Skeptics Forum Meeting at Caltech; Letters 13 Hume's Maxim 14 The Use and Abuse of Statistics in the "Real World" By Judith Grabiner 22 Special Cryonics Section Introduction 24 The Society for the Recovery of Persons Apparently Dead By Steven B. Harris [01.2.harris-society-for-dead] 32 Cryonics: Reaching for Tomorrow By Michael Darwin and Brian Wowk 44 Basic Questions and Answers About Cryonics From Alcor Life Extension Foundation 46 Skeptical Perspectives "Can Science Cheat Death?" Cryonics, Altered States and the Quest for Transcendence By Michael Shermer 68 In Brief and In Review: Books and Articles of Interest By Paul V. McDowell and Michael Shermer Galileo; Gould; Transcendental Meditation; JFK Assassination; Conspiracy Theories; Freud; Catastrophic Catastrophes; Science in Western Culture


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