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Organization: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio (USA) From: James Randi --- Wizard Message-ID: <22nr7e$> Newsgroups: sci.skeptic I've been informed that the publishing house in Japan that Mr. Geller sued has settled out-of-court, for an "undisclosed" amount of money. If it's anything like the other amounts he's been "winning," I don't think he can retire yet. The RAI TV network in Italy has every reason to believe that Mr. Geller does not have a case against them for giving me a copy of one of the more "evidential" videotapes of Mr. Geller's performance there. (Mind you, that's what HE is claiming they did. Who knows what really happened? Also, the designation "evidential" is not Mr. Geller's description of the videotape. Just so we understand.) In Switzerland, I managed to obtain some archival video footage showing VERY interesting close-ups of some spoons BEFORE Mr. Geller is supposed to ever have touched them. The European TV system (known as PAL) has much higher definition than the US system, and, gee! that material is REAL interesting! I just got back from Australia and New Zealand, where some more very interesting material came up. I must thank my many friends in all these places and on the hotline list for going out of their ways to dig up the material I need. I don't know when the next notice will go out to geller-hotline, but following September 2nd there should be a really interesting one. Stay tuned! JR


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