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From: James Randi --- WIzard Message-ID: <23k3oh$> Newsgroups: sci.skeptic Just when I'd thought that Mr. Geller was really old news, I received a serious offer for a book on the "Geller Redux" idea. Since the material developed as a result of legal actions (depositions, testimony in court, written actions, etc.) becomes public domain, there is now enough new data to do an entire book. As a result, I'm awaiting the termination of the present actions and preparing what promises to be a very interesting new account. I obtained an important affadavit from Zurich, Switzerland, and that will be an entire featured chapter in the new book. The amount of material which has developed as a direct result of the legal actions I've been subjected to, is remarkable. Persons who saw no particular reason to inform me of certain events, have now come forward to give me really valuable stuff, and in Israel I've obtained two previously unknown-to-me witnesses who have told me some remarkable things. A prominent scientist who feared until now to speak his mind, seems much more willing to do so, and the picture is filling in rapidly. Videotape from many years back has been provided to me, and attempts to stop the distribution of that material have been of no avail. It is very heartening to me to see that what appeared to be a dismal situation is now emerging as a golden opportunity. We'll know much more as of September, at which time a deadline will take effect. Damn, but I wish I had psychic powers, so I'd KNOW what the result will be......! James Randi


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