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From: (lopresti robert) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: sci.skeptic About ten years ago I attenede a BOuchercon (mystery writers/readers convention) in NY. THe Saturday night entertainment and as a last minute substitute they were able to get the Amazing Randi - far better than the original performer was likely to be. Randi gave a lecture on psychic fraud, Project Alpha, and other things, all the time demonstrating unbelievable tricks. During question time a member of the audience asked: "How do we know that you aren't using psychic powers to do all these things?" "Well," said Randi. "You basically have two choices. You can believe I have the ability to violate all known laws of science, or that I have the ability to fool you. Which is easier to believe?" It's amazing how many people find it easier to believe the former.


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