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James Randi has asked that the following message be given wide distribution among the Skeptics community: Date: 15-Jan-92 10:34 EST From: [James Randi] Subj: Please send a fax... ... I'm off to Budapest to help them open a new skeptics' group there. Next week will be the inauguration, at which I will speak. I think that it would be great if they received a number of faxes from prominent persons and from other skeptics groups all over the world who encourage their efforts. The Hungarian press is eager for material, and would certainly snap up the fact that the group there is getting international attention. Two things: first, would you communicate this request to any other persons or groups--local or international--you feel would want to send them a fax, and would you please send one yourself to: Dr. Gyula Bencze Central Research Institute for Physics Budapest, Hungary FAX #: 011-36-1-169-6567 This should be done right away, so that the material can be prepared for a press release. These folks really need our encouragement and endorsement, ... though he has the support of the leading Hungarian scientists. Let's help them get started. Thanks! JR


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