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I've received a report from Hungary that the father of the "kidnapped" girl, 18-year-old Helga Farkas, the one Geller was asked to locate, has now offered the entire ransom money (about US$250,000) for information about her whereabouts. It was specifically stated, I'm told, that Geller's information was not helpful. That, in spite of all the fuss made in the UK newspapers about his efforts. The Hungarian police have refused to re-open the case. JR ------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat Apr 25 03:41:00 1992 From: geller-hotline%hotmomma@uunet.UU.NET (James Randi) Subject: The Geller Deposition To: broadcast-geller-hotline%hotmomma@uunet.UU.NET My deposition of Uri Geller took place April 15-17th. It was to continue over the following Monday, but I picked up a New York bug and was laid up, unable to attend. As expected, when we asked Mr. G to demonstrate his wonderful powers, he was unable to do so because there were not enough sympathetic persons in the vicinity. We were denied the satisfaction of witnessing, at long last, proof of his abilities. Sigh. However, very interesting information was developed during the question- ing, and we videotaped the entire proceedings. At the close of the Friday session, Mr. G introduced us to his family, though I was on the telephone at that time and unable to meet them. The lawyer for CSICOP also questioned Mr. G for some period of time. I really don't know what the next step is in this ongoing drama. However, I've had overtures from three different PBS programs concerning coverage of the entire adventure. Also, a major publisher is now discussing a contract for a book based on my TIME magazine essay of April 16. According to Bob Steiner, the James Randi Fund is doing well. I'm off to speak in Baltimore on April 30th, in NYC May 1st, and then to Frankfurt, Germany, and Sweden, Finland and Norway. I'll return here May 26th. I'm at MIT on June 9th. JR


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