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Date: Mon Sep 21 22:55:49 1992 From: (James Randi -- Wizard) Subject: Update.... To: Today I was served with an action that Mr. Geller has been talking about and promising for over a year. It involves a magazine article that appeared in Japan years ago. I have responded to the court. In his complaint, Uri Geller repeats part of a story that appeared in a UK newspaper. This he offers as an example of the kind of thing he claims I have been saying about him and about others. I am said to have referred to him as, "that insufferable psychic phoney." About another matter, he quotes me as saying: How I wish I had been on earth when that other psychic phoney, Jesus of Nazareth, had been around. How I envy the Roman soldiers who rammed the nails through that psychic phoney's wrists. How I'd have relished to have done the job myself. How I wish I'd been there to jab the life out of that psychic phoney as he hung on that silly cross with that spear. I need not tell you that all that quoted above came from another person, not me. I believe it shows just how desperate Mr. Geller is to destroy my reputation. Michael Shermer, in California, reported that he was called by Geller last week, and was reminded by the caller that both he and Geller are family men. What that is all about, I'll allow you to decide. Mr. Geller is once more represented by legal counsel, after his former lawyer was suspended from practice. The same lawyer is also handling the Byrd case. All for now. Life gets more and more interesting every day. JR ---------------------- end of enclosed letter ---------------- forwarded by Jim Kutz (


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