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In a previous article, Justin M. Sanders asked about the depositions. Here's a letter circulating in the public domain. Message #61 (67 is last): Date: Sat Apr 4 17:13:00 1992 From: geller-hotline%hotmomma@uunet.UU.NET (Chip Denman) Subject: More on the D.C. Deposition of Geller To: broadcast-geller-hotline%hotmomma@uunet.UU.NET [Chip Denman is the President of the National Capital Area Skeptics, and as Randi mentioned in his own description of the event (already posted to this list) one of the people who provided significant moral support. Thanks to Chip for this very interesting side light on Geller's behavior during the deposition.] Other than Randi and his attorneys, Penn, Teller and I were the only ones who were around for the depositions. Unfortunately, none of us were permitted by Mr. Geller to sit in on the actual proceedings. When Mr. Geller arrived on our first morning, he dashed out of the elevator, grabbed my hand and introduced himself warmly. "Hi, I'm Uri!" Of course, he recognized Penn and gave him a hearty handshake and a big smile. The fellow could have had a great career in retail sales. Once the depositions began, there was little to do. Mr. Geller seemed to have trouble sitting still; even the receptionists were commenting on his constant flitting in and out of the closed conference room. Other folks associated with the law firm where this was taking place would drop by just to catch the latest tidbits. Clearly this case is not exactly the norm for Washington. On the rare breaks, Randi seemed alternately disgusted by the various insinuations and renewed with determination to see this mess through to its proper conclusion. Of course, I wasn't inside to actually see it, but I understand that things were livened up a bit when Randi, in making a point about the simple nature of certain tricks, vanished a pen or pencil from the table. That story even got a small mention in the Washington Post. The next and final morning, Randi & I were there alone. Once again, Randi's attorney asked permission for me to sit in; again it was denied. But just before things got underway, Mr. Geller came out and apologized to me up, down, and sideways for having to exclude me. Right. I mostly sat out of sight--but within earshot--of the reception area. (I took advantange of the forced confinement to write a talk that I was to give at Johns Hopkins on Spiritualism and psychical research. There are some interesting parallels here to the 19th century.) I could hear Mr. Geller coming and going, looking for his lunch, etc. I wondered what would happen if I made myself more visable, so I took my computer and moved to the outer area. Sure enough, on his next trip through Mr. Geller sat down on the sofa beside me to chat. He wanted to know ALL about me. Where did I live? Did I use computers in my work? Do I ever do outside consulting? I had the distinct impression that he REALLY wanted to know who the hell I was and whether I was perhaps an expert digging up useful bits o' information. I suppose the vibes just weren't clear that day. As Randi has already said, the 1 1/2 days turned into 3 of Randi being deposed. There was no time left to turn the tables. As things wound down on the last day, Paul Kurtz and Barry Karr were there, getting ready for their turn the next day. We stepped into a side room to chat about the whole affair. What a surprise to find Mr. Geller, literally ear to the door, every time we looked into the hallway! Chip Denman President, National Capital Area Skeptics for whom I'm not speaking. NCAS >encourages critical and scientific thinking >serves as an information resource on extraordinary claims >provides extraordinary evidence that skeptics are cool


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