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By: David Rice To: Arthur Biele AB> Dr. Al Carlisle of the Utah State Prison System has AB> estimated that between forty and sixty thousand AB> satanic[sic] ritualistic murders occur in the US AB> each year. Which is, of course, a lie based upon your occult agenda. "Doctor" Carlisle ASSUMED murders were taking place (despite the total and complete LACK of evidence that these murders WERE EVEN TAKING PLACE) and then claimed Satanists were responsible for them (again with no evidence for such a bizarre claim, other than his cult's agenda). Paraphrase from Ms. Moonstone: "Dr." Al Carlisle of the Utah State Penitentiary System in 1985: Carlisle questioned inmates about involvement in "human sacrifice 'cults.'" The figures he arrived at were 50,000 to 60,000 human sacrifices a year. He arrived at this figure by taking the number of alleged "cults" and multiplying it by the number of alleged sacrifices per year per "cult" and arrived at his baseless conclusion. When asked where the bodies were, he says they are disposed of in many ways, including: 1. Eaten and the bones used for ritual implements. (Why has there -NEVER- been any of these bones produced? Why has there -NEVER- been an ex-member come forward with evidence?) 2. Fed to animals such as hogs or dogs. (Hogs and dogs don't consume bones: see above.) 3. Buried (Despite numerous claims by both children and adult "survivors", and much digging, no bodies have yet been found. Authur's lies would have us believe that twice the number of Americans killed in Viet Nam are being killed and burried EACH YEAR without a single soul breathing a word of it.) 4. Dumped at sea. (Certainly believable for those who live near an ocean. However, one clipping in the CWR files has a kid in El Paso Texas saying he witnessed a murder and the body was taken out to sea and dumped. It's a LONG way from El Paso to the ocean.) 5. Dumped down abandoned mine shafts. (Certainly a possibility. But 60,000 a year?!?!?!?) 6. Burned and the ashes saved. (The old myth of the "portable crematorium.) The FBI reports slightly less than 20,000 murders per year, throughout the nation, of which 85% are immediately solved with the murderer(s) caught at or near the sean. For the large bulk of the remainder, the murder(s) are known and are letter apprehended. Out of the 20,000 or so muders each year, only a few hundred are left unsolved. So, as we can see, Authur has =LIED= to us again. Why am I not surprised?


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