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Back Page: summer 1991 NOTE... that the old Testament teaches the actual existence of only one God" and then concluded from this that "(a)ny interpretation of any passage that puts Bible writers in contradiction with themselves in this basic affirmation is forced, unnecessary, and unwarranted," but to take such a position is a resort to the logical fallacy I just noted: trying to prove Bible inerrancy by simply assuming Bible inerrancy. I have admitted (p. 4) that many passages in the Bible clearly teach monotheism. That does not mean, however, that other passages do not convey polytheistic concepts. To argue that no passage in the Bible could possibly be teaching polytheistic concepts because some passages undeniably teach monotheism is to assume that the Bible does not contradict itself. This is unsound, illogical reasoning. The meaning of an idea must be determined within the context of what that writer said and not by comparison to what another writer said somewhere else. On the matter now in dispute, it would be possible that one writer was polytheistic whereas the other was monotheistic. Of all the shortcomings of Deaver's rebuttal, however, the most damaging was his failure to explain away statements made by Bible characters and writers that showed an obvious belief in the reality of pagan gods. To express the majesty and greatness of Yahweh, Bible writers called him "the God of gods," but if there were no other gods, the comparison is totally meaningless. Although he sacrificed his own daughter as a burnt-offering, Jeph- thah was nevertheless listed as a great hero of faith in Hebrews 11:32. He considered Chemosh to be elohim to the Ammonites as much as Yahweh was elohim to the Israelites. He thought that Chemosh had given the Ammonites certain territory to possess in the same way that Yahweh had given the Israelites a territory to possess (Judges 11:24). Passages like this pose a serious problem for Mr. Deaver that he did not and cannot ex- plain away. ******************** TILL-McDONALD DEBATE Farrell Till and Jerry McDonald will conduct an oral debate at Sullivan, Missouri, on July 29, 30, and August 1, 2, 1991, at the Community Center in Sullivan. McDonald, a frequent rebutter in TSR, is a Church-of-Christ preacher and the editor of Challenge, a quarterly journal that devotes much of its space to exchanges on the inerrancy issue. ******************** FAILED PROPHECIES A study of imaginary and failed Bible prophecies is now available. Farrell Till examines the popular prophecies (Is. 7:14; Ps. 16:10; Micah 5:2; Jer. 31:15; etc.) so often referred to as "proof" of inspiration and shows them to be failures or misrepresentations of original intentions. Double-column layout, 38 pages, $2.50 ppd. ******************** OTHER DEBATES & BACK ISSUES The Laws-Till Debate ($2) that Till's opponent withdrew from and The Jackson-Till Debate ($2.25) are still available postpaid at the cost indicated. All propositions concerned Bible inerrancy. 1 All four 1990 issues of The Skeptical Review are also available at $1 per copy. Send orders to the address on page two. ******************** TSR ON COMPUTER DISKS Each issue of The Skeptical Review is set up by Wordstar 6.0. We will copy all issues onto your disk for $1 to cover the cost of mailing. ******************************** FREE SUBSCRIPTION: A free one-year subscription to The Skeptical Review can be obtained by writing to P. O. Box 617, Canton, IL 61520-0617. 2


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