To: All Nov-19-93 10:21PM Subject: X-Files TV show. 11-19-93. Subject: The X-Files Show. 1

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From: Usenet To: All Nov-19-93 10:21PM Subject: X-Files TV show. 11-19-93. Organization: The Portal System (TM) From: Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: talk.religion.newage,sci.skeptic,alt.paranormal Subject: The X-Files Show. 11-19-93. I just got through watching this weeks X-Files TV Show. It was about an UFO that had landed (or crashed) in the USA. The two FBI agents investigated it and the male inverstigator got caught by the military people. He was thrown in a cell and talked to a person who was a member of a UFO investigation group called NICAP (a now out of business UFO study group called the National Investigation Committee of Aerial Phenomena). This person a had been abducted before and had a inplant put in his head with the scare behind his ear. The space person that they attemped to catch was shown as being invisible and dangerous. Some space people are invisible but very few of them are dangerous. When we do catch or attempt to catch one of them they will allow themselves to be killed before they resort to violence. There are a few exceptions to this rule as in one case where our people came in contact with some space people. The military saw the space person make a quick move and he shot the space person. The SP then resorted to his form of protection and killed the military person. So I would give this espisode a rating of good as to being near the truth. John Winston.


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