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>[other bits]... >>"psychically" restarted the watches of home-viewers that haven't >> worked in years. > > That's a pretty good 'tired old trick' - how does he do it ? He doesn't. The home viewers do it. To quote David Marks and Richard Kammann, _The Psychology of the Psychic_ (1980, Prometheus), p. 107: As we had no hypothesis for the Geller watch effect, we canvassed some jewelers for their opinions and ideas. They told us about half the watches and clocks that come in for repairs are only jammed with dust and gummy oil--such pieces are given the familiar "cleaning and overhaul." But some of the jewelers pointed out that if a watch or clock is held in the hand for a few minutes, body heat could warm and thin the oil, thus freeing the mechanism. Of course, the mild bumps and shakings that accompany the handling of the watch or clock would contribute, too. Notice that Geller instructs his audience to hold the timepieces in their hands before starting to concentrate. While this was an interesting theory, it was still just speculation. And, it could be argued that perhaps jewelers were exaggerating to preserve their own public image. So, we challenged seven jewelers to see how many customers' watches they could start by holding and handling procedures before opening the watch case. One week later, they had started 60 out of 106 watches attempted, for a 57 percent success rate! Marks and Kammann then had their students conduct a telephone survey to ask people if they had tried to fix a watch or clock with Geller's assistance (he had just recently performed this trick on the air). If they had tried, they were asked whether it was successful or not. If they hadn't, they were asked if they had a stopped watch and were asked to handle it for five minutes to see if it started. The results: Geller Physical Handling Only N watches tried % Success N watches tried % Success 43 48.8 61 57.4 (Marks and Kammann, p. 109) These results are the combined results of the telephone poll and an in-person survey by students. The separate results were: Geller Physical Handling Only N watches tried % Success N watches tried % Success in person 13 38.4 32 68.9 telephone 30 53.3 29 44.8


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