TO: ALL RE: URANTIA BOOK DATE: 03-21-91 AREA: 14 Just a note to any interested parties tha

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FROM: ERIC PEMENT TO: ALL RE: URANTIA BOOK DATE: 03-21-91 AREA: 14 Just a note to any interested parties that the latest issue of THE SKEPTICAL INQUIRER (Spring 1991), finally discloses *for the first time* the true identity of the author of THE URANTIA BOOK. Martin Gardner, a regular contributor to the SKEPTICAL INQUIRER, and for over 20 years the editor of the "Mathematical Games" section of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, has had a long-standing interest in tracking down the _real_ author of the URANTIA BOOK. For those who may not know, the URANTIA BOOK is a 2000+ page volume of channeled writing, purporting that the planet Earth (i.e., "Urantia") is one of many planets in an evolving cosmos ("Orvonton"), directed by a God figure with many Michael-Sons. There are many different universes, many different Gods and Sons of Gods, and the principle of universal evolution is very prominent. The Christian doctrines of hell, substitutionary atonement, the supremacy of Christ, the calling of the Jews, the inspiration of the Scriptures, the resurrection of Jesus, and so forth are ridiculed and denied. The authorship of the URANTIA BOOK has been a secret for many years. The closest anyone could come until a few years ago was that the book's manuscript was instigated by a Dr. William Sadler, a Seventh-day Adventist minister who finally found a spirit-medium he couldn't refute. Dr. Sadler was so impressed by the channeled material that he formed an association to direct the publishing of this stuff. But the real identity of the channeler(s) remained a mystery. Now Martin Gardner reveals that the channeler was actually Wilfred Kellogg, one of the semi-adopted children of Dr. John Kellogg -- founder of Kellogg's Corn Flakes in Battle Creek, Michigan. John Kellogg was a Seventh-day Adventist, who together with his wife raised some 40 children (mostly orphans). They had no children of their own; some of these were legally adopted, others weren't. Wilfred Kellogg was one of the ones which weren't adopted. Anyway, to make a long story short, it was Wilfred Kellogg who was the channeler that so impressed Dr. Sadler. Wilfred Kellogg was the true source behind the URANTIA BOOK (or, Wilfred Kellogg and his demons, depending on your explanation of the book's ultimate origin). I don't have time to go into the complete details, but interested readers may consult Martin Gardner's article on this bit of heretofore unknown trivia on pages 242-244 of the aforementioned article.


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