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(3601) Tue 9 Jul 91 0:26 By: Don Allen To: All Re: *more* on Crop circles St: ----------------------------------------------------------------- @EID:116b 01d13bb2 @MSGID: 1:363/29 5f816326 Spotted this on Usenet tonight: --+------------------------------------------------------------------- Article 762 of alt.alien.visitors: From: rob@aixssc.ibm.co.uk (Robert Trevelyan) Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors Subject: Crop Circles in the UK Message-ID: <1991Jul08.091937.22497@aixssc.ibm.co.uk> Date: 8 Jul 91 09:19:37 GMT Sender: @aixssc.ibm.co.uk Organization: AIX Systems Support Centre, UK. Lines: 83 Originator: rob@eeyore.aixssc.uk.ibm.com Dick, I have been interested/involved in crop circles for about two years and was very fortunate last year to find the first pictogram in a field in Chilcomb , Winchester . This was the first crop circle not be of the normal circle/ring form as it had boxes and paths . Through this and my interest in the phenomenon I have made aquaintances with the leading circle investigators and even got a mention in a few books on the subject. I am also a member of CPR ( Circles Phenomnon Research - Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews ) and CCCS ( Centre for Crop Circle Studies ) . I live in an area that is about 15 minutes from Winchester and about 45 minutes from Silbury Hill in Wiltshire , these are the most popular areas for crop circles and I have been in about 50 or so or them over the last year or two . The team that witnessed the crop circle I previously mentioned on Morgans Hill , Wiltshire was run by ex BBC Producer and now Director of Circle Vision , circles PR company ? ,and a team of cameramen . They are the same team that assisted Delgado and Andrews on Operation Blackbird in 1990 , remmember the hoax. Anyway currently in that area at the moment are three independant watches arranged by Dr. Meaden ( The vortex man ) called Operation Blue Hill , CCCS called Operation Sirius and a CPR watch called Operation Nightingale . I found out about this as I have a friend that is the Director of field research for CCCS and he also works for the same company as I do. As he lives in a different part of the UK than I do it allows us to keep in touch of all areas of southern England . I also receive information from visiting sites that are known circle areas and in addition to that receive details via a circle network via the mail . If you are interested in joining this let me know and I will send you the address to write to . This years formations seem to be based on a new formation which has been termed "insectograms" as they have paths and circles that look like antennae . I believe there has been about 100+ circles this year to date but there has also been a great many hoaxes . A hoax can be perpetrated as it is not dousable and is very often rough at its edges . This is very much dependant on the crop it is created in as barly created a rougher looking formation but if it douses as well it point toward non-hoax. Hoaxed circles look and feel like hoaxes as they are very rough , the crop is always broken not layed down and happens when there are tramlines to the field, the lines the tractors wheels create . I visited the lecture given by Terence Meaden on Plasma Vortex last year and totally agree with you that the guy is slightly off the track where it comes to most crop circles. I do believe that simple circles can be created by his plasma vortex theory if there is a hill nearby and if the weather is correct for this but as for this being the answer I think he is crazy . How can a spiraling vortex of charged air/dust particles create boxes , paths or even rings , let alone triangles that were seen last year. Anyway I have just received a note about a new crop circle in the field where last years eighth of a mile pictogram appeared at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire . I will post details of this to the news as soon as I have read it . Be in touch , Robert > >Thanks for the great info. Can you say who the team is and how you >know about this? How many crop circles have there been previously >this season? Any new shapes? > >Plasma vortex, my arse. This looks like something much more interesting. >Please post any and all new info you can. > >Best regards, > >Dick Shoup >shoup@netcom.com > > -- Robert Trevelyan UKnet: rob@aixssc.ibm.co.uk AIX Communications VNET: TREVELR at BASVM2 Voice: +44-(0)256-56144 --+-------End of Article -------------------------------------------------- Don --- RemoteAccess 0.03+ @PATH: 363/29 147/66 268/102 104/422 428 * Origin: PARANET//UFINET//MUFONET (407)649-4136 (1:363/29)


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