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Message number 2454 in "ParaNet UFO" Date: 09-27-91 12:04 From: ncar!! To: All Subj: Dave and Doug - The Latest UFGATE newsin 1.27 From: ncar!!!rob@scicom.AlphaCDC.COM Date: 27 Sep 91 05:32:12 GMT Message-ID: <14840@scicom.AlphaCDC.COM> Newsgroups: info.paranet From: Robert Trevelyan The final circle of the season (so far as we know) appeared on Sept 12 in a crop of linseed near the church at Old Alresford, Hampshire. It was a plain circle of 38 ft diameter, swirled clockwise. The circle, which I'm assured is genuine, in one of the very last uncut fields in Southern England. Meanwhile more murky facts are emerging slowly from the 'Dave and Doug Hoax' saga. The story was supplied to Today by 'MBF Services' although Today stated that it had paid no money. When asked how MBF could be contacted Today either dodged the question or gave conflicting replies : (1) 'There is no telephone number for MBF' (a funny sort of news agency !) (2) They didn't know the address of MBF (3) the story had been marked 'Copyright MBF Services' to prevent others publishing copyright material (4) we could reprint whatever we liked without charge (5) MBF had an address in Shepton Mallet (6) a contact number for MBF was 0962 - 713843 on the Twyford (Winchester) exchange. (I think this last one slipped out by mistake.) The Shepton Mallet address is an accommodation address with a firm of chartered accountants who have MBF as a client. Describing it as a 'Scientific Research and Development Company', they would tell us no more details about their client. The Twyford number had been discontinued by last week, and enquiries to British Telecom revealed equal confusion. It was descibed first as a private residential number, and then as a 'special exchange number'. Solicitors searches have now revealed that the director of MBF is a certain Andrew Winsloe Clifford of Maiden Beech Farm, West Crewkerne, Somerset. This, of course, solves what MBF stands for, but we still need to find out about Mr Clifford. He and his wife are sole shareholders and the company was first registered in April 1991. No accounts have been returned so far. On Friday Doug and Dave were confronted on Granada's 'Upfront' TV program. They were asked on the program the following questions: (1) Who are the MBF news agency and who are the directors ? (2) Why does MBF have no telephone number ? (3) Have you at any time, or now, worked for the Government Intelligence or Security services? All three questions were denied, evaded or laughed off. The TV show finished in uproar. The plot thickens. +-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | DISCLAIMER: | | The views expressed in this document are not a corporate view | | nor reflect the views of my employer by any means but are my | | own personal views on this subject . | | | | Robert Trevelyan UKnet: | | AIX Communications VNET: TREVELR at BASVM2 | | Voice: +44-(0)256-56144 | +-------------------------------------------------------------------+ --- ConfMail V4.00 * Origin: Paranet(sm) - The world's leading UFO Investigative News Network (1:30163/150) PATH: 30163/150 104/422 428


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