(3878) Sat 27 Jul 91 2:19 By: Don Allen To: All Re: Crop circle: Wiltshire,UK St: @EID:116

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(3878) Sat 27 Jul 91 2:19 By: Don Allen To: All Re: Crop circle: Wiltshire,UK St: ----------------------------------------------------------------- @EID:116b 01d27c58 @MSGID: 1:363/29 6882cbf7 Latest Crop circle news off the Internet: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Article 1012 of alt.alien.visitors: From: rob@aixssc.ibm.co.uk (Robert Trevelyan) Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors Subject: Wiltshire Pictograms Message-ID: <1991Jul23.100942.15522@aixssc.ibm.co.uk> Date: 23 Jul 91 10:09:42 GMT Sender: rob@aixssc.ibm.co.uk (Robert Trevelyan) Organization: IBM AIX Systems Support Centre, UK. Lines: 39 The last few weeks have been very busy for crop circles in Wiltshire.I took a trip around the key sites and could see about nine formations varying from dumb-bells , insectograms and pictograms . Just south of Stonehenge two insectograms and a circle lie in a field. The insectograms are very large and are of the normal ring , circle , path and arc type seen at Upham near Winchester . The circle is a ringed type with curved spurs .This is obviously near a great deal of tumuli and the ancient monument where there are a great deal of lay lines that I am sure cross the field . In Alton Barnes , site of last years massive pictogram , there are three formations . Two of these show the "key" symbol as seen last year and the third is a variation of a circle . Two of these are in one field and the other one in a field that faces this one but all three are within about half a mile of each other and can be seen all at once . Malborough Downs have about four formations , some very large pictograms and a dumb-bell as well as a ringed circle with two circles inside touching and looking as a figure of eight . The main formation is at Barbury Castle nearby and appeared at between 9pm on 16-07-91 and 9am on 17-07-91 according to a local pilot . At the time of its arrival dramatic sightings of pulsing coloured lights were made in the area and two witnesses reported seeing a dark object which flew rapidly overhead blotting out the starlight . Everyone who has seen this are sure it is genuine apart from Terence Meaden , possibly as it is a combination of rings, triangles and circles , not explainable by an atmospheric vortex . I have not seen this yet but will hopefully have some more details on this later . +--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | DISCLAIMER: | | The views expressed in this document are not a corporate view | | nor reflect the views of my employer by any means but are my | | own personal views on this subject . | | | | Robert Trevelyan UKnet: rob@aixssc.ibm.co.uk | | AIX Communications VNET: TREVELR at BASVM2 | | Voice: +44-(0)256-56144 | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+ _________End of article________________________________________________ Don --- RemoteAccess 0.03+ @PATH: 363/29 147/66 268/102 104/422 428 * Origin: PARANET//UFINET//MUFONET (407)649-4136 (1:363/29)


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