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(3602) Tue 9 Jul 91 0:32 By: Don Allen To: All Re: still *more* on Crop circles :-) St: ----------------------------------------------------------------- @EID:116b 01d13bb5 @MSGID: 1:363/29 5f816329 I spotted this one too :-) Off ABUSEnet (inside joke :-)) --+----------------------------------------------------------------- Article 764 of alt.alien.visitors: From: rob@aixssc.ibm.co.uk (Robert Trevelyan) Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors Subject: Crop Circles ( screwed the last one up ) Message-ID: <1991Jul08.101556.15379@aixssc.ibm.co.uk> Date: 8 Jul 91 10:15:56 GMT Sender: @aixssc.ibm.co.uk Organization: AIX Systems Support Centre, UK. Lines: 63 Originator: rob@eeyore.aixssc.uk.ibm.com On Tuesday July 2 the main attraction of the Circle season occurred just where it was expected at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Within 200 yards of the position of last year's giant double dumb-bell pictogram . This is of similar size to the huge pictogram of 1990 . This new formation lies in a great expanse of green wheat . The formation is about 120 yards long and consists of a large ringed circle with long narrow passages running to a plain circle at one end and a smaller ring, with a spur beyond, at the other. Two 15 ft circles, like eyes, lie to one side of the central avenue level with the midpoints of the connecting passages and equi- distant from them. Already dozens of visitors were converging on the site to marvel at the new wonder where so many people had caught circles fever in 1990. Farmer Tim Carson is charging $1 entry and will probably exceed his last year's take of an estimated $8000 (pounds sterling). Farmhand Malcolm Enery described how he had been woken by a loud roaring noise at 1.30 a.m. that night. He thought at first that a C-130 Hercules from RAF Lyneham was flying over at rooftop level, but could see nothing through his window. Other residents of Alton Barnes were woken by a similar roar. Only when mist over East Field had cleared at 7 a.m. could the new pictogram be seen. It lies barely 800 yards from the tiny village. Today (Friday 5-7-91 ) a further formation, a smaller dumb-bell accompanied by several additional circles, has appeared in the same field just within a few hundred yards. Again these circles were initially shrouded by unseasonal mist. Something quite extraordinary appears to be happening at Alton Barnes and this is quite possibly not unconnected with the worldwide interest that was shown in the magnificent circles which appeared there last year. Last Sunday a large new pictogram appeared at Newton St Loe just two miles west of Bath. This greatly resembled the Alton Barnes pictogram of 1990, and once more its appearance was accompanied by strange lights seen in the sky and a roaring noise according to many people in the outskirts of the city. I hope to try to talk to some of these people and to piece together events surrounding this visitation. Before this year only one small crop circle had ever been reported in this area between Bristol and Bath. The Bath pictogram has a large asymmetric "key" and also the ringed "signature circle" in exactly the same relative position as the Wiltshire pictograms of last year. These distinctive features, and the fact that "keys" or "claws" have been seen in two other smaller formations in Avon and Somerset seems to show that the 1990 Wiltshire "circlemakers" have moved west. Equally the large symmetrical pictograms now appearing in Wiltshire closely resemble the style of those that appeared near Winchester in Hampshire last year, only they are somewhat larger, and only one has got "boxes". Again it looks as if the Hampshire circlemakers moved west. As for Hampshire, the 1991 pictograms so far are all "insectograms", immensely elaborate asymmetric formations with twin "antennae" and a peculiar ladder-like feature with a variable number of rungs at the opposite end. It has already been optimistically suggested that the "rungs" might represent the protein molecules in the double helix of DNA. Such is the articulateness of the new formations that this kind of speculation is no longer viewed with ridicule. I hope to visit this new one at Alton Barnes this week so will be in touch about this and any more in the area . --+----------End of Article ----------------------------------------------- Don --- RemoteAccess 0.03+ @PATH: 363/29 147/66 268/102 104/422 428 * Origin: PARANET//UFINET//MUFONET (407)649-4136 (1:363/29)


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