Date: 11-25-90 13:44 Subj: Re: MISSING TOWN The only information I myself have been able t

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Date: 11-25-90 13:44 Subj: Re: MISSING TOWN The only information I myself have been able to extract from RCMP files and such is remarkably similar to what Streiber put forward in his lattest book, "Majestic". And it is basically a repetition of what appears in the report made by the National Board of Estimates entitled "Intelligence Estimates on Flying Disk Motives". The book gives a transcript of that report written by the narrator... "In the winter of 1930 a profoundly disturbing incident took place in Canada. Trapper Arnaud Laurent and his son observed a strange light crossing the northern sky. It appeared to be headed for the Lake Anjikuni area. The two trappers describe it as being alternately bullet-shaped and cylinder shaped. It can be assumed from this that it was an object of irregular configuration that was tumbling as it moved. Another trapper named Joe Labelle had snowshoed into the village of the Lake Anjikuni people, and been chilled to discover that the normally bustling community was silent. Even the sled dogs, which would normally have bayed welcome, were silent. The shanties were choked with snow, and not a chimney showed smoke. The trapper found the village's kayaks tied up on the shore of the lake. Inside the shanties the trapper found a further surprise: there were meals left hanging over fires, long grown old and moldy, apparently abandoned as they were being cooked. The men's rifles were still standing by the doors. This really scared the trapper, because he knew that these people would never leave their precious weapons behind. He reported his discovery to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who investigated further. They discovered that the town's dogs had died of hunger, chained beneath a tree and covered by a snowdrift. More disturbingly, the town graveyard had been emptied. The graves were now yawning pits. Despite the frozen ground, the graves had been opened and the dead removed. The RCMP continues the case opened to this day. A check with their records department indicated that the matter remains unsolved, and despite a search of the whole of Canada and iquiries throughout the world, not a trace of the missing twelve hundred men, women and children has ever been found." Prepared by Office of Research and Analysis, Central Intelligence Group Copy 1 of 2


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