To: All Jan-13-94 12:26PM Subject: Thoughts Create Reality Followup-To: sci.skeptic Hi, On

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From: Steven Reiser, P.E. To: All Jan-13-94 12:26PM Subject: Thoughts Create Reality Organization: Systems Modeling, INEL, ID From: (Steven Reiser, P.E.) Message-ID: Followup-To: sci.skeptic Newsgroups: sci.skeptic Hi, One false conception spread about mind over matter is that just thinking a thought should make it happen. Hence, it almost never works because what has been left out is one crucial fact. In order for "mind over matter" to function, all traces of doubt must be removed from both the conscious and unconscious mind. Unfortunately for most of us, our brains have completely and utterly destroyed by our education system. The more knowledge you have, the better educated you are, the weaker the powers of your mind will be. Therefore in the realm of psychic powers, academic genuises with a traditional formal eduacation will be at the gretest disadvantage. If you were to never teach an infant that anything was impossible, they would have a strong potential for powers beyond most of our imaginations or beliefs. These thoughts come from a lot of discussions with psychics about their childhoods and finding that somehow they were able to survive without repressing their innate skills. --


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