+quot;A Super Germ is Bred as a Death Weapon+quot; Washington, July 14 (UPI)- Forty Army s

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"A Super Germ is Bred as a Death Weapon" Washington, July 14 (UPI)- Forty Army scientists are working on a project that could add deadly super germs of types that do not exist in nature to the potential of biological warfare. The scientists at the Army's biological research center at Fort Dietrich, MD. already have succeeded in producing bacteria with new combinations of hereditary characteristics. Army Urges Expansion If their research bears fruit, a new and fearsome surprise element would be added to the potential of bacteriological war. A germ known only to its finders conceivably might wipe out populations before any antidote could be devised. In a written statement submitted to the House on defense appropriations, the Army indicated that results obtained so far have been sufficiently spectacular to warrant expansion of the program. Genetics is the Key "It is not unlikely that the major contributions of the future to biological weaponry and defense will result from research and a better understanding of the science of genetics," the statement said. The Army did not name the scientists in the program, but said several are nationally and internationally recognized.


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