This conference is for the discussion of fringe science, fringe medicine, UFO's, psychic p

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==================================================================== This conference is for the discussion of fringe science, fringe medicine, UFO's, psychic powers, water divining and other similar paranormal phenomena whose veracity or, lack thereof, can be tested by observation and experiment. Basic Disclaimer: This Echo operates under the premises espoused by various skeptical associations worldwide and CSICOP but is in NO WAY connected to those organizations. This Echo does not represent these organisations, nor does it claim any link to those founders, writers and members of those organizations, although some of them are regular posters. The Moderator denies any and all responsibility for the postings of others, his role is to keep discussion on topic and within the bounds of good taste and common sense. The opinions expressed in this Echo are those of the writers identified in the header of each message. No other responsibility is expressed or implied for the content of the messages in this Echo. For this reason only real names may be used in the headers, handles may be used so long as they are not used to avoid responsibility for the attached posts, are normally used in other Echos, and where the actual identity of the person under the handle is available upon request to the Sysop of the posting system or the Moderator of this Echo. Echo facts: This Echo is Moderated by Jackson Harding from Oranges & Lemons, 3:681/857@fidonet in Adleaide, South Australia, Australia. Zone 3 distribution is handled from this point. The gateway for traffic to Zone 1 is Christopher Baker of 1:374/14@fidonet, Rights On!, in Titusville, Florida, USA. The gateway for Zone 2 is Dieter Hummel of 2:243/11@fidonet, MERLIN Project SBBS in Frankfurt, Germany via 1:374/14. The gateway for Zone 6 is Peter Tan of 6:600/403, The Elite II Bulletin Board Singapore via a gate at 3:681/854 Nodes in Zone 1 should direct enquiries to 1:374/14. Nodes in Zone 2 should direct enquiries to 2:243/11 Nodes in Zone 3 should direct enquiries to 3:681/857. Nodes in Zone 6 should direct enquiries to 6:600/403 At this time the echo is not on any backbone. Zone 3 backbone status is close to being attained. The moderator thanks Messrs Baker, Tan and Merritt and Herr Hummel for their help in carting this echo around the globe. Echo Purpose: 1. Stimulate thought and inquiry concerning the claims of psuedo-science, fringe science, fringe medicine et al and ways of testing the validity of thesse claims. 2. To provide a forum where discussion of these claims, their proof, or disproof can take place, both by skeptics and believers alike. Echo Rules: 1. Only real names or handles conforming to the guidlines given earlier may be used. 2. Discussion should be confined to the discussion of matters of interest to skeptics. The imponderable and the untestable are worthy of academic interest, but as they are not able to be tested by the skeptic they should not be dwelled on at length. 3. Matters of religion will inevitably arise from time to time. As these areas require faith, and as such are untestable they should be minor issues only. Such discussion is best carried out in echoes such as HOLYSMOKE. 4. Personal attacks and flames will not be tolerated, if you must abuse someone take it to NetMail. Jackson Harding, Moderator, SKEPTIC ======================================================================== A skeptic is someone interested in the evidence for fringe-science /medicine and paranormal _testable_ claims of fact, without regard to his particular present opinions. The emphasis on the (always entertaining) fringe prevents this from becoming a boring symposium of professional scientists and engineers. Uncertainty over what is the fringe and what is on either side is part of what keeps it interesting. The emphasis on _testable claims of fact_ excludes the religion-bashers, however much they may protest to the contrary. ---Rick Moen "Skepticism is refusing to believe explanations for unusual or abnormal phenomema that defy current scientific knowledge without being shown proof of the existence of that phenomenon that conforms to the standards of acceptable scientific evidence. It is not fence sitting or prevarication. --- Jackson Harding "The authority of science is based on the power of the scientific method and resides in proof by experiment rather than by pronouncements of the learned or the vote of the people" ---Sergei Kapitza, Professor of Physics, Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology --- TosScan(q) 1.00 * Origin: Skeptic conference moderation (3:681/857) SEEN-BY: 61/200 102/890 103/241 109/120 114/15 125/27 152/20 203/53 SEEN-BY: 243/11 374/14 21 98 396/17 681/854 857 691/196 9200/0


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