Subject: The Sexy Side Of UFOs. The other day a person recommended that I look up a paper

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Subject: The Sexy Side Of UFOs. The other day a person recommended that I look up a paper called the Metro because it had a story in it about people who are coming in contact with UFOs in the South San Francisco Bay Area (that is about where I live). Here is the story I found;... The Saratoga home of Lisa Reynolds seems at first an unlikely site for extraterrestrial visitations. A far cry from the more traditional venues of paranormal phenomena, such as isolated desert highways and remote wilderness areas, the pea-colored house is located in a populated section of town, with plenty of neighbors and street traffic. Yet this is where Reynolds, a former Las Vegas showgirl who now works in real estate, claims she is repeatedly contacted by beings from outer space. Unannounced, the aliens melt through the walls and crawl in the windows of her home, sometimes several times a week. Once inside, the grayish creatures with Walter and Margaret Keane-like eyes and skinny bodies conduct strange experiments. Occasionally she's beamed up into their cigar-shaped spacecraft, a sleek balck machine that hovers silenty above outside, and then Reynolds is transferred to her abductors' mothership." Then things really get weird. The ETs teleported Reynolds for the first time, she says, on May 29, 1992. She remembers awakening inside their spaceship, somewhere in the fourth dimension. "I was in a room," she explains. "It had a high, curved ceiling, and the light didn't seem to have a source-it just came from nowhere. I was standing up, and there was a bed to the left of me. This small being had his arms around me. And, telepathically, he was saying that he wanted to have sex with me. I told him no. The next memory I have is we were in bed together, and he still had his arm around me, and he still indicated that he wants to have sex with me. What's strange is that i don't think they can have sex; I don't see sex organs on any of them male or female. Well, the idea of having sex with him repulsed me, but I really didn't mind him having his arm around me." It would be easy to dismiss Reynolds as a nut case who's read one too many science fiction books. But she is one of numerous Santa Clara County residents who claim to have had a close encounter of the fourth kind, the term for having been abducted or contacted by an extraterrestrial, and just one of possibly a million Americans whom population studies suggest may be abductees. JW Seems like everybody who is anybody has been taken. Part 1. Source Of Material: Metro July 22,28,1993. John Winston. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: The Sexy Side Of UFOs. Part 2. Now we continue on our investigation of the steamy, sexy discussion of UFOs. Be ye therefore warned that the graphic explanation of these people's experiences are going to sound more like The Peril's Of Pauline than a UFO discussion. You have been warned so be ye forewarned and forearmed;.....Their stories are eerily consistent. They are average citizens, everyday people who appear sane and who are seeking no reward for their stories. They come forward with tales of being abducted by strange humanoids, midget aliens who subject them to bizarre medical procedures. Almost always, the creatures have hairless bulb-shaped heads and huge undersea eyes, all-seeing as they communicate telepathically with earthlings. And almost always, the abductees or contanctees are released unhurt. Although the abductions usually leave few physical scars, the psychological wounding can run deep. Rarely is there physical evidence, so the skepticism of doctors, scientists, friends, relatives and others is monumental. To believe in UFOs is to cast aside humanity's understanding of the universe. But as technology advances and it becomes safer for people to discuss their experiences, more and more abductees have emerged from the closet. And some of them are hard to dismiss as wackos. Author Shitley Strieber penned a best-selling account of his repeated assaults from the unknown, Communion, which Hollywood made into a full-length feature movie. Edith Flore, a Saratoga psychologist, claims to have personally interviewed between 300 and 400 people who have been abducted in spacecraft. She's written two books on the subject, You Have Been Here Before and Encounters. And earlier this month a group of UFO advocates picketed the White House, protesting what they contend is an effort by the United States government to cover up evidence of ETs. Oftentimes the abductees know that something has happened to them, but they don't know what. They begin to feel like they're going crazy and can develop emotional disturbances like depression. phobias and anxiety attacks. When they seek psychiatric help, therapists typically dismiss them as delusional. There is, however, hope. Through hypnosis, many abductees are confronting their demons. A process called "hypnotic age-regression" has proved to be a powerful therapeutic tool for people who suspect they've been abducted by ETs. Patients, after being hypnotized, "remember" their encounters, sometimes for the first time. When the encounters are recalled, the negative psychological symptoms usually disappear. Such practices are numerous throughout the valley. And there are at least two area support groups where people gather and share their experiences. It seems that saying you were abducted is to the 90s what admitting to a drug habit was to the 80s. "I'm getting a lot of calls," says Diana Celeste Cornetto, a Santa Clara hypnotherapost specializing in abductions. Change of Subject. The next thing Reynolds remembers, after deflecting the alien's advances, was an encounter with two other adbductees, both of whom had "glazed" expressions on their faces. They were from Brazil, she says, and "handsome." One guy was about 6 feet tall; he had a mustache and wore acid-washed jeans. The shorter one had no facial hair but was stylishly attired in a white shirt with rolled up sleeves and denum trousers. Through astral projection, the lovestruck alien instructed Reynolds to have sex with the Brazilian of her choice. She declined, politely informing her captor that she wished to remain faithful to her earth- bound boyfriend, Christian. Apparently, the ETs were willing to compromise, because a few days later Reynolds and her boyfriend were teleported into the fourth dimension. "All of a sudden I found myself in a place that seemed to be enclosed in fog" Reynolds recalls. JW Now if this was a movie, I would say, "Don't look Ethel". "Everything was very, very real, hyper-real. There was an old gnarly looking tree that didn't have any leaves on it. And out from behind it walks Christian! He was naked and he had an erection. He had this glazed look on his face. So I moved toward him, and as I did I just kind of jumped on him." Jumped? As in mounted? "Oh, yeah! And as soom as I jumped on him he went in me and I started having an orgasm immediately. I've never esxperienced anything like that before. I mean, I've had orgasms, but this was incredible. It was great, explosive. It was as though him and me were the same, like nothing else existed and we were one with the world. It was wonderful." JW Like, OK lady we got the picture. Source Of Material. Metro. Part 2. John Winston. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: The Sexy Side Of UFOs. Part 3. Now we've got through the real steamy discussion so it should be smooth sailing from here on out. In the discussion now, it talks about a person I met at a group meeting of people who get together and talk about their abduction experiences. Here we go; .....The subject of sex comes up frequently in the stories of abductees, not always as titillating as Reynolds' account, but in a more procreative sense. In his book Secret Life; First Hand Documented Accounts of UFO Abduction, Temple University professor David M. Jacobs concludes, in the words of the jacket blurb, that aliens are conducting a complex reproductive experiment involving the conception, gesta- tion or incubation of human and alien beings." During a telephone interview, Jacobs elaborated on his theory. "The focus of the abduction phenomenon is reproduction," he states. "They take sperm from men and eggs from women. This is a routine phenomenon that I must say happens to all females and males, and I don't see any exception." Why is this happening? "We think {the aliens} are producing offspring through human sperm and eggs. Why they are doing that, we don't know. But it is enormously important {to the aliens}. People from time to time are shown kind of strange-looking offsprings. That is to say, babies small children, somethimes older children, which don't look quite human but don't look quite non-human, either. They look sort of in the middle. Most abductees describe them as sort of hybrids." You expect people to believe this? "This is as rediculous as it gets" he concedes. "It doesn't get any crazier than this...{But believeing the phenomenon} is directly related to education. The more education a person has, the more they realize that this is something that can't be dismissed." Who are the ETs targeting? "It appears to be completely random, across all of society- the good, the bad, the ugly. It's across ethnic groups, across intelligence and educational levels, and it's across economic and cultural lines" The one "major exception," he adds, is that there seems to be an intergenerational connection to the abductions. In other words, if your parents were abducted, it's likely that you will be too. But it's rare that people start getting abducted after reaching maturity; it usually first happens in early childhood. According to Tom Stanton, a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) researcher who lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains, investigators are discovering that the ETs pluck many of their humans from the same family tree, snatching them together or separately. And, notes Stanton, women are often impregnated artificially and then they find themselves pregnant for only one trimester. "Then the fetus suddenly disappears," he says. "So we assume the aliens are conducting a genetic experiment of hybridization." Stanton, who calls himself a "cosmic Paul Revere," maintains that the government is suppressing information about UFO abductions, a coverup he refers to as a "cosmic Watergate." The space incubation theory seems to hold true with Ted and Teresa Corona, ( JW I know Teresa and have interviewed her before and have gone to a UFO group abductee meeting where she was in attendance although she was not a member of that particular group herself), a San Jose couple who claim t have been subjected to reproductive experiments by aliens. The two formed a support group for abductees called Silicon Valley Sky Watchers in response to their encounter. It meets once a month. People who can't attend are encouraged to call SVSW's 800- area code hotline or read its monthly newsletter. Teresa Corona says she and her husband were abducted in 1973, shortly after they were married. "It happened in August," she remembers. "We were in bed fooling around like normal newlyweds, and this light came shining into our bedroom. My husband and I got a real panic attack. We heard shuffling on the ground outside. I really freaked us out. Then they came in and took us. There was a ship hovering right between two apartments." Next thing she recalls, the couple were inside a flying saucer. "They laid Ted on a table and did a lot of tests. They were really curious about Ted because he is an American Indian and has long hair. They had some kind of thing hooked up to his penis." The couple would spend almost 20 years wondering about that night. ("We always had a weird feeling that something had happened.") In 1991, they underwent hypnotherapy and finally learned the truth, or their interpretation of it. Corona says the overall experience was positive, but she notes that, for reasons her doctors have a hard time explaining, she can't have kids. "A lot o women who have been abducted can't have children," She confides. JW I found Teresa to be a very open and honest person. I consider her to be one of my friends. Part 3. Source Of Information. Metro. John Winston.


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