Subject: Re: Scientology debunking help! Keywords: deprogramming and cults Date: 9 Jan 90

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Path: ncsuvm!ncsuvx!mephisto!!snorkelwacker!think!samsung!!rpi!kibo From: (James 'Kibo' Parry) Newsgroups: sci.skeptic Subject: Re: Scientology debunking help! Keywords: deprogramming and cults Message-ID: Date: 9 Jan 90 23:43:15 GMT References: <> <> Organization: The Kibology Cob Lines: 42 In article <> (Jeff Boscole) writes: >(3) Why is the Oxford Personality Test not aligned with other standard > batteries of tests used for psychiatric profiling? [background: the Standard Oxford Capacity Analysis is a free "personality" test, 200 true/false questions, that the Scientologists will give you if you walk into an office. they then tell you how many things are wrong with you and why you need to get their "help".] Being one who has both (a) been given tests such as the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) and the EPPS (Edwards Personal Preference Schedule) and (b) had training in administering such tests, I was amused by "The Standard Oxford Capacity Analysyis" when I took it. The SOCA says that it's copyrighted by L. Ron Hubbard. Hmm. I suppose this means it has nothing to do with Oxford University. :-) The person who graded my SOCA said I'd go insane if I didn't get Scientological treatment. My results on *real* tests like the MMPI show I'm pretty reasonable emotionally. (My MMPI scores are all within about 1.1 standard deviation of the norm.) The grader pointed to one low point on my SOCA graph and told me that this point meant I was severely depressed (most points on the graph were way down at the bottom of the scales. I have a hunch the test is rigged that way.) I was then shown another point, which meant that I was "happy all the time for no reason." My grader put such stock in the test's accuracy that he didn't even notice there was a contradiction there somewhere... I've been told it's a standard technique of the Scientologists to give you the test and then tell you that you'll go insane, commit murder, or things like that if you don't buy their books and get auditing fast. -- james "kibo" parry, 8 Park Plaza Suite #152, PO Box 722, Boston MA 02117-0722 _____________________________________________ / Kibology / Anything I say is the opinion userfe0n@rpitsmts.bitnet / is better! / of myself, and not of Xibo.


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