Subject: Re: Scientology debunking help! Keywords: deprogramming and cults Date: 9 Jan 90

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Path: ncsuvm!ncsuvx!mephisto!!ucbvax!decwrl!ogicse!blake!milton!aesop From: (Jeff Boscole) Newsgroups: sci.skeptic Subject: Re: Scientology debunking help! Keywords: deprogramming and cults Message-ID: <> Date: 9 Jan 90 21:18:07 GMT References: <> Reply-To: (Jeff Boscole) Organization: University of Washington, Seattle Lines: 35 In article <> (Pablo Alvarez) writes: > I'M LOOKING FOR SOME SERIOUS CONSISTENT AND CLEAR >ANTI-SCIENTOLOGY EVIDENCE (if such a thing exists) Before considering this, why not let your friend's nature run its course? I.E. make a *deliberate* evaluation, using the analytical rather than the reactive mind. :=) There are many scientology skeletons we might drag out of the closet. (1) Why are Scientologists suspicious of Journalists? (2) Is the E-meter a lie detector, and if so, do polygraphs compromise "religious freedom" (even granting that they have freely chosen them)? (3) Why is the Oxford Personality Test not aligned with other standard batteries of tests used for psychiatric profiling? (4) Why do Scientologists avoid rational means of conflict resolution through the vehicles of cognitive evaluation, such as in boardgames of Chess, or GO? (5) Why does Scientology exhibit an 8-sided "Christian-like" cross when its founder bluntly claims that Scientology is nothing more than outright Buddhism? (6) Did L.Ron Hubbard create Scientology on a bet made at a science fiction conference? (7) Can *you* distinguish Scientology from Dianetics? (8) Will Scientologists be evangelical without monetary remunerations? (9) If we are to read no further than those words we clearly understand, why have so many "adherents" and "acolytes" read past the words "terra incognita?" (10) Can *you* distinguish "Scientology" from "Scientism?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good luck. Remember, you're either deprogramming or being deprogrammed! :=) ( )


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