Subject: Re: Scientology Discredited Date: 27 Nov 90 00:18:19 GMT References: +lt;90111916

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Path: ncsuvm!ncsuvx!lll-winken!!usc!jarthur!!anne From: (Anneliese Lilje) Newsgroups: alt.atheism Subject: Re: Scientology Discredited Message-ID: <> Date: 27 Nov 90 00:18:19 GMT References: <> Organization: California Institute of Technology, Pasadena Lines: 69 XEMU-SP@THETA-GO (See Below) writes: >Hello, >There has been a small but heated discussion lately in alt.atheism >concerning the Church of Scientology. I have refrained from posting >until now because I didn't think that that was the best forum for this >discussion and because it has taken me this long to calm down enough >to be coherent. Here is my story. I will follow it with a series >of easily supportable facts about the organization. >Last year a former friend of mine announced to me that he had joined >the Church of Scientology. I knew nothing about this organization at This is all pretty funny in a way. At the moment I am completing a Ph.D. in Geology at the University of California, Riverside. My field area is the San Jacinto Valley in Riverside County...just east of Riverside California. `Ron Hubbard' has a `compound' smack in the middle of my field area. Perhaps you will find what I know about this compound to be interesting. The compound has a very `nice' sounding name like `Golden Studios' or something like that....I'll catch the offical sign next time I am down there. It is heavily gated and the guards are armed (semi-automatic rifles). It is also heavily barbed in places. Additionally there are signs extending for a couple of miles around the compound that say STAY OUT! etc. etc.. Now this is no big deal because there are a lot of places with no tresspassing signs...but wait til you hear this... The compound is flanked to the norteast by very high and steep mountains. Actually the compound is located smack on top of the San Jacinto Fault (another story, another time). To the southwest the compound opens into the San Jacinto Basin. The mountains to the northeast also include public such hang gliders use this area as a launch to some pretty spectacular rides over the valley. My brother lived in Hemet for a while and a friend of his was up on the mountains to catch a draft. The lines for the Hubbard compound are not marked in many of the most trecherous areas (were talking STEEP terrain). My brothers friend apparently stepped over the line a few 10's of yards. There is one small road (accessable by 4x4) which these people use to haul their gear to the summit. Within a few minutes 2 Hubbard `cops' and a truck drove to the top (semi automatics and everything) and told my brothers friend that he was tresspassing. My brother's friend (half clad in hang gliding gear) apologized and told the guards he would immediately leave the area. Rather than escorting him off the property, theyu told him he would be comming with them and that he would ride in the 3x3 foot tin `box' mounted in the back of their truck. To say the least my brothers friend refused and started to walk away from the compound...leaving his glider and everything. They fired in the air once and told him not to move or they would shoot him. He got in the truck. They kept him over night in the box. In the morning the sheriff came looking for my brothers friend as two of his gliding companions reported him missing (fearing he ditched somewhere and was hurt). The Sheriff then got a call from the compound and said they had my brothers friend. He was released to the Sheriff. He filed a complaint (I don't know the outcome) and he was told by the Sheriff's department to be careful in that area as `they have reason to believe hikers have been murdered behind the compound'. This is all too scary for me. To say the least I give a wide bearth to the compound. THese Scientologists are crazy screwed up people. Oh, the reason they knew my brothers friend was up their...They said that he tripped their `alarms'????? >Kevin Dooley >(NB. This is not my account; please do not send e-mail to this address)


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