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Donald Lindsay Jun-22-93 07:41PM Peer Reviewed Reincarnation Organization: School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon From: (Donald Lindsay) Message-ID: Newsgroups: sci.skeptic Over on alt.religion.scientology, I foolishly said that I wasn't interested in any reincarnation researcher that didn't make it to peer-reviewed journals. So, sure enough, someone took me up on it. He posted the following. Anyone know anything about it? --------------------------< cut here >-------------------------------- According to Sylvia Cranston's book "Reincarnation: New Horizons...", "Ian Stevenson is Carlson Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia Medical School and was formerly chairman of that department. He spec- alizes in cases in which children, both in the West and East, have spontaneous detailed memories of what they claim are former lives." In September 1977, the 165th volume of the psychiatric peri- odical "Journal of Nervous and Medical Disease (JNMD)" had almost the entire issue devoted to Stevenson's reincarnation research, which followed an inclusion of his paper "The Explan- atory Value of the Idea of Reincarnation" in the same journal in May of 1977. Additionally, I found this from the "PsycFIRST" database, at ------------------ Start of Reference --------------------------- DATABASE: PsycFIRST SEARCH: reincarnation RECORD NO: 80-04420 AUTHOR: Anderson, Rodger I. TITLE: Commentary on the Akolkar and Stevenson reports. SOURCE: Journal of the Amer. Society for Psychical Research DATE: 1992 Jul Vol 86(3) 249-256 YEAR: 1992 ISSN/ISBN: 0003-1070 LANGUAGE: English DOC. TYPE: Journal Article ABSTRACT: Comments on the reports of V.V. Akolkar (see PA. Vol 80:4418) and I. Stevenson (1984) of a case of xeno- glossy (sudden usage of foreign language) in a 32-yr-old Indian woman. The agreement between the reports shows how the case lends itself to a reincarnation explana- tion and indicate how difficult it is to dismiss the case as due to deceit, cryptomnesia, or malobserva- tion. (PsycINFO Database Copyright 1993 American Psychological Assn. all rights reserved) MAJOR DESC: EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL PHENOMENA MULITPLE PERSONALITY MINOR DESC: CASE REPORT PROFESSIONAL CRITICISM LANGUAGE KEY PHRASE: alteration of personality into young Bengali. 32-yr old female with xenoglossy. India. case report. application of ESP vs possession vs reincarnation explanations. com- mentary. CLASS: CODE: 2390 LIBRARIES: CT GTA WLU MA bti BOS CKM FTB NDA WCM WNE WZW ME mef NH FPR PSM NY nak nyg nys vsi BUF NAB NAM SDE VFR VHB VWR VXW VYF VYL VZB VZH XBM XMA YGM YSM ZDG ZGM ZLM ZNT ZOW ZSJ ZXC RI CCW RCM VT VTU ---------------------- End of Reference ------------------------- ------------------------< end quoted posting >------------------------ -- Don D.C.Lindsay Carnegie Mellon Computer Science


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