all +quot;Secret of the Psychics+quot; To: Uucp Oct-20-93 08:41AM Subject: +quot;Secret of

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all "Secret of the Psychics" From: David Rice To: Uucp Oct-20-93 08:41AM Subject: "Secret of the Psychics" To: I watched the NOVA special. It was GREAT! When Mr. Wizard pulled out the photo of Ted Bundy, I said to my cat "That's Uri Geller--- these women will know who it is. Why would The Wizard make such a blunder." Then you narrated that it was Bundy. Gee, I wonder if they're twins. That Uri character is some real piece of work. As my Grandmother might have said, "Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth." He's such a patent FRAUD that I am wondering just how stupid humans are if they can believe him. But Uri is just a minnor annoyance compared to the RAGE I felt when the ChristoNazi "faith healers" defraud their faithful of millions of dollars--- with no goods or services being exchanged: just wishful, fanciful thinking. Goddess, how I =HATE= these HORRID BASTARDS! How could that man look those old women in the face and tell them their cancer and arthritice was cured?! How could that evil creature of an evangilist =FORCE= that old women to talk around, while he pushed her from the back?! Eight years ago I started learning astrology, so that I could debunk it from a position of knowledge. To my horror, I discovered it "worked." I also discovered that it didn't matter whos "chart" one read to someone, that person would beleive it was their "chart." I've writen for the popular astrology magazine _American_Astrology_ (published by the Star Log Group). It's easy money, but my ethics bothered me so I stopped. I think I'd sooner go hungry than perpetuate fanciful thinking (well, then again maybe not). I abhor all such thinking. It is dangerous to our society. People pray at their children instead of taking them to get real help. People send in billions of dollars to Christofascist organizations that use the money to force their Christian occultism into the public school system, use the money to "dummy down" text books; silence educational excelence; preach hate and violence; publish anti-science literature; field fascist members of their cults on to elected schoolboards---- this money they gather is for the most part tax free, and they use it to destroy American freedoms and subvert the Constitution. There was a telephone poll reported in _Free_Inquiry_ several years ago (three of four) that found that the majority of those quiried would vote to recind and revoke the Constitution of the United States if it would help fight crime and end drug abuse--- can you fuckin' believe it?!?!? I suspect that "fanciful thinking" contributes to LAZY thinking, which in turn results in such ignorance. This moring the Pacifica Foundation aired a five-part report titled "In Jesus's name," concerning the Christofascist right-wing political agenda. Goddess, talk about an early Holoween! How can such vile filth be so boldly and blatently exposed, and yet millions of people embrace it? Again I suspect fanciful thinking. I spend much time exposing various religion's claims that yield to falsification. For every lie that I can prove was a lie, they tell fifty more that I could never be able to find the time to research and expose as a lie. Some times I feel like a little Dutch boy with my finger in the hold in a dam, while watching all of the other holes leaking water. The problem of fanciful thinking is much greater than can be fought on an ad hoc basis. It's my opinion that America's probles in education and rational thinking spells doom of this nation. I'd run away to some other country, but there seems to be no place to flee. The Christofascists are reenacting the Nazi Pary's anti-homosexual practices to the letter, and I wonder just how long it will be before the internment camps are opened? I've enjoyed your books emensely(sp?). I wish they were mandatory in out public schools, and that every junior-highschool student were required to read them and write a report on them. There was no emphasis on clear, rational thinking when I went to school. As long as people continue to believe in bleeding statues, faith healers, spoon benders, tarot card readers, astrologers, and Rebuplicans, our nation CANNOT compete within the global economy in the future. Our children will live in a "third-world nation." As long as churches continue to demand hate and violence against minorities and selected majorities, we face a grim future. David Rice


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