Today's (Friday, September 25) New York Times has a front page article on the divorce cour

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Today's (Friday, September 25) New York Times has a front page article on the divorce court proceedings of J.Z. Knight, who claims to channel Ramtha, the 35,000 year-old prehistoric spirit. Her fifth husband, Jeffrey Knight is suing her for millions that he says she owes him, because she used Ramtha to "bully him into accepting a meager divorce settlement in 1989." Mr. Knight, who has the AIDS virus, also claimed that he had suffered without proper medical care because modern medicine is anathema to Ramtha. He now denounces the "mind-control techniques" used by his former wife. The trial has provided further glimpses into the Ramtha New Age school in Yelm, Washington, including blindfolded followers wandering around in a maze for hours, and the faithful being threatened if they revealed the ongoings of the school to the outside world. There is little indication however that this trial will change the hearts of the already programmmed. One "Ramster" is quoted, "Everything Jeffrey Knight is saying could be true," but that would not matter: "I have been given the understanding and the tools to go on my own." Among other information revealed in testimony by Mr. Knight is that J.Z. Knight lives in a $2 million ranch house, and at one time, the couple made $4 million a year. Shirley MacLaine unfortunately is no longer associated with the Ramsters. Her publicist says she "has moved on to other explorations."


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