To: All Nov-23-93 07:32PM Subject: UFO Radio. Subject: Radio Information. This morning I w

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To: All Nov-23-93 07:32PM Subject: UFO Radio. Organization: The Portal System (TM) From: Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: talk.religion.newage,sci.skeptic,alt.paranormal Subject: Radio Information. This morning I was going to work when what did appear to my unbelieving ears but the sound of my favorite AM station talking about Tone Healers. You may remember that a day or two ago I mentioned crystal bowls being used heal people. These people today talked with a lady who has the ability to make musical note come from her mouth that heal people. They asked her if anything unusual ever happens when she does this to people and she told the following incident:; "Once I had a class of people and I started to singing to them with the notes that were going to heal them. A full bodied (JW she used another word to explain the person's body) who was sitting in the front row started to levitate. The person next to her saw that she was going up in the air and just reached over and pull her back down. These people who listen to this program are the type of people who would be in a class when the instructor would tell them that today were all gong to levitate. The only question from the class would be, how high? If you would like to enjoy something and have some fun. You might want to listen to their program. Here is some information about them and some of the time they talk about UFOs. Radio 2000, Seeing Beyond, Talk Radio With A Vision. Weekday Mornings in: SAN FRANCISCO - OAKLAND - SAN JOSE - MONTEREY BAY - HONOLULU, and Sundays in SAN LUIS OBISPO Hosted by: BONNIE COLEEN AND JARED WILKINSON, Start Your Morning with people who are already awake! They also send out tapes of their program. Seeing Beyond Is: a "shool without walls" a source of inspiration a call-in formm to share your ideas a community to network you vision a resource for personal growth and developement an alternative - positive energy first thing in the morning! Our guest are people doing something different to make a difference.. Dr. Bernie Siegel Pia Mellody , Joseph Chilton Pearce , Rosalyn Bruyere, Barbara Marx-Hubbard Patricia Sun, dr. Depark Chapra, Marion Woodman, Steven Halpern, Riane Eisler, John Bradshaw, Michael Meade, Gary Zukav, Kevin Ryerson, Sam Keen, Jerry Jampolski and Diane Cirincione, Amy Mindell and Arny Mindell, John Robbins. And other leading edge people, sharing their ideas over these stations Monday through Friday mornings. KNRY am 1240, Monterey Bay 7:00 - 9:00 am, #### KEST AM 1450 San Francisco, 7:00 -9:00 am, #### K108 AM 1080 Honolulu 7:00 -8:00 am #### KGLO AM 1340 San Luis Obispo 4:00 - 6:00 pm (Sun.) For Guest information call 408-479-3338. John Winston.


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