Hello. I reflowed your text. I do not know enough to comment on every point you raise, but

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Hello. I reflowed your text. I do not know enough to comment on every point you raise, but I do have some facts from some books that refute some of your claims. The first is "The Pyramids and Temples of Ghizeh" by Sir William Flinders Petrie. (2nd edition London: Histories & Mysteries of Man Ltd., 1990, This is a reprint of the 1885 book published by the Royal Society. The first edition was published in 1883.) Petrie has been called the "Father of modern Egyptology". The data I list here will be from his book, but the data is very good. Later survey's by J.H. Cole in 1925 and modern surveys by legitimate research organizations such as the American Research Center in Egypt and others all confirm the accuracy of Petrie's original survey data. The other books are Peter Tompkins, "Secrets of the Great Pyramid" (New York:Harper & Row, 1971). This book is a psuedo-science book. It is still in print, and it has some value because the author gives much of the history of pyramidology pseudo-science. There is also E. Raymond Capt's books, "The Great Pyramid Decoded" and "Study in Pyramidology" (Thousand Oaks, Calif.:Artisan Sales, 1986). The first Capt book was given out by TV evangelist Gene Scott who promotes several pseudo- science theories to his followers. The "sacred cubit" that the poster refers mentions is not a measure used by the ancient Egyptians. It is the product of the imaginations of two 1860 pyramidologists, John Taylor who wrote a book "The Great Pyramid: Why Was it Built? And Who Built It?" and Piazzi Smyth who wrote after Taylor in the 1860's "Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid." These two were Anglo-Israelites who believe that the white peoples of northwest Europe, particularly those of Great Britain and the U.S are the descendants of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. According to them the pyramid was built by some Biblical patriarch such as Job or Enoch. The pyramid allegedly encodes statistics about the form and measure of the earth and also contains a map of Bible history and future prophecy. The sacred cubit equals 25 inches. The claim is that the ancient builders of the pyramid (not the Egyptians - they were too dumb) built the pyramid using English! units of measure. To be sure the inch unit did change some over the years. The primitive or "pyramid inch" is 1.00106 British inches. The fudge factor evolved because the early (1830s) estimates of the pyramid baselines were 9140 inches to a side. Multiply that by 4 and you get 36,560 inches as the sum of all four baselines. Well, fudge the inch a little and invent a sacred cubit of 25 inches and (viola!) the baseline of the pyramid is 365.242 sacred cubits, a figure equal to the length of the solar year in days. This idea was invented by John Taylor over 130 years ago. Latter day pyramid peddlers will measure the baselines from some "socket" corners that extend a little further out from the edges of the pyramid. The early estimates of the baselines were not accurate. This is because by the 1800's almost of the original casing stones that once covered the pyramid had been stripped leaving only the core masonry that we see today. When Petrie did his survey in 1881, he was able to recover casing stones buried under 12 to 20 feet of debris right at the pyramid base on all four sides. His measurements of baselines and distances between the socket corners are as follows (+-0.1 in): SIDE BASELINE (in) SOCKET (in) CORE (in) N 9069.4 9129.8 9002.3 E 9067.7 9130.8 8999.4 S 9069.5 9123.9 9001.7 W 9068.6 9119.2 9002.5 All of these lengths are much too short to match any of claims made by the pyramidologists concerning the years in a day idea. The pi ratio in the pyramid is derived from the ratio of the pyramid baseline divided by the height. The average baseline is 9,068.8. Divide this by the height (5776 +- 7 inches) and you get 1.5701. This value times two is 3.1402. A better approximation of pi is obtained using the angle of the slope of the faces of the pyramid. The angle for the north slope according to Petrie is 51 deg. 50 min. 40 sec. +- 1 min. 5 sec. The same ratios in a pyramid with this angle yield a value of 3.1427+-0.002. Petrie believed this feature was accidental. The Egyptians, he said, chose to build the pyramid using a sloping angle that was 11 at the base and 7 at the height. 11/7 is 1.5714. Times that by two and you get 3.1429 which is just about exactly the angle of the sloping stones. . .'|`. Thanx to our poster .' | `. for the nice pyramid .' | `. picture. .' | `. .' 7 | `. .' | `. .'____________|____________`. <----------- 11 ------------> Pyramidologists make other claims about pi and the year measures in other parts of the pyramid. Suffice it to say, Petrie's data shows all those other claims are also not correct. I am not an archaeologist and know only little about ancient Egypt, but this subject I researched some because some Christian friends of mine were believing this nonsense. As a Christian believer myself, I wished to help counter this stuff. I do not know enough to refute (or verify) the other claims you make. My questions are simple: Where do you get your facts and information? Can you document them from primary source material? My bet is that your sources are all of doubtful reliability. Since some of your claims are clearly false, why should I believe anything else you say on this subject?


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