From : Christopher Baker from Florida Today; Section B - Local; capsule sidebar; 30 Apr 92

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From : Christopher Baker from Florida Today; Section B - Local; capsule sidebar; 30 Apr 92; pg. 1: Psychics, astrologers meet There was not a crystal ball in sight as more than 30 psychics and astrologers met Wednesday night in Melbourne to promote what they see as more equitable treatment of them. "In the past, psychics and astrologers have been treated as frauds and have been charged exorbitant liscensing [sic] fees -- up to $3,000," said Leslie Marler, one of the organizers of the group, which does not yet have a name. After a request from Brevard's certified astrologers, the County Commission agreed April 21 to reduce the annual occupational license fee astrologers pay from $150 to $50. The commission also repealed a requirement that astrologers have background checks and be fingerprinted through the Brevard County Sheriff's Office for a fee of $35. "We want to promote a more positive, professional image," Marler said, "so we're very pleased with the turnout and intend to meet monthly from now on." For more information, call Marler at [407] 777-1246. -30- oh, really? i pay MORE than $150 a year for the occupational licenses my wife uses for her part-time, home-operated pottery and jewelry business. i wonder why i can't get a reduction from that same Commission? maybe i just need to have a meeting and declare that potters have been 'treated as frauds'? [sigh] what is a 'positive, professional image' for someone who is either self-deluded or deliberately mendacious? i also don't understand why they would have to 'meet monthly'? shouldn't they already know what they are going to say? couldn't they just project astrally once a month without having to meet? [grin] what are the rates around the world for occupational licenses for astrologers? what about psychics? potters? skeptically inquiring minds want to know! [snicker] TTFN. Chris


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