Subject: Mars Probe, What Happened? I have a friend of mine trying to find out what happen

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Organization: The Portal System (TM) From: Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: talk.religion.newage,sci.skeptic,alt.paranormal Subject: Mars Probe, What Happened? I have a friend of mine trying to find out what happened to the probe that we sent to Mars but no news has come back yet. Here is what some other people are saying;............................... Life -on Mars theorists think NASA ruined satellite to hide proof of aliens. Mercury News Wire Services. WASHINGTON -- A group that says there may have been life on Mars suggested Tuesday that NASA may have intentionally disabled the Mars Observer so it could take no pictures of artificial structures on that planet. Richard Hoagland, founder of The Mars Mission, which claims a city once was built on Mars, said at a news conference that there was a possibility a "rogue group" within NASA intentionally shut off the agency's Mars Observer spacecraft so it could not make an orbital survey of the city. Hoagland said he has been trying for almost 10 years to get NASA to investigate what he believes is a picture of a face carved on the surface of Mars and that scientists from the agency have dismissed his research and that of colleagues in his organization. The "face" depending on how supermarket tabloids look at it, re- sembles Elvis, Sen. Edward Kennedy or Kermit the Frog. Hoagland suggested that NASA may want to suppress any information about extraterrestrial life and that this leads the agency to ridcule and "trivialize" his organization's research. The same claim was made by two dozen demonstrators who picketed the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena on Tuesday. "It's abosoultely the craziest thing I've ever heard," said Mars Observer project manager Glenn Cunningham. "There is absoulutely no conspiracy. Everthing about this mission is open to the public." JW So what do you think? John Winston.


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